Everyone spends life producing. Each of us has task we undertake day by day. The key question is what are we producing? Who are we producing it for? It is quite easy to spend our lives making things without contemplating what drives us. At NEAC we think that the Lordship of Christ should impact the whole of life. The workplaces of Sydney are where believers spent most of their lives. How is it that the vision of the Christian life shapes the work we do? Citizens is a year-long intensive that seeks to explore how the Lordship of Christ in the scriptures remakes us so that we can serve him in his world.

Citizens seeks transformation through the gospel of Jesus Christ:

  1. Spiritual Formation. Citizens takes you on a spiritual journey that grows loving dependence upon the person of Christ. A gospel-shaped work life begins with a gospel-soaked heart. How personal transformation through Christ’s death and the Spirit’s power is explored in devotional and classic Christian writings.
  2. Integrated Theological Vision. Citizens plumbs the depths of the Christian tradition looking to classic and modern theological works that develop an understanding of God’s purposes in scripture and awe at Christ’s Lordship in all things.
  3. Community. Citizens seeks transformation through relationships in community rather than in isolation. Through a group of interdependent and prayerful companions Citizens provides personal insights into how God is working throughout the world.
  4. Connecting Faith with Work. Citizens allows space for a deeper understanding of how sin has effected particular workplaces and how fellows can impact their vocation for the sake of the kingdom.

What does the course include?

– A 20 book theological library.

– 3 weekends to get out of the city and focus upon Christ’s Lordship.

–  Devotional books and materials to develop your relationship with God throughout the year.

What does a session look like?

– An hour is spent each session praying for each other with a focus on work issues.

– Another hour is spent considering the reading of the week.

How much does it cost?

$950 for hardback books or $800 for kindle ebooks.

The price includes all costs for three weekends (Feb 9-11, July 27-29 and Nov 16-18) and 23 books.


Applications for 2018 are now closed. If you want more info for 2019 or how to run it at your own church, fill out the form below.