Wondering what will be happening?

  • We will start with praising our God on Friday night with our great musicians.
  • Each morning Andrew Spalding will be giving us bible talks from Jeremiah, Hope on the Other Side. Andrew is currently studying a PhD at Moore College, and attends 10.45am church. He is married to Tamie and they have two delightful children.

Hope on the Other Side

Two of the ugliest words in the Christian message are repentance and death. These are topics we find it hard to talk about outside of church buildings—and sometimes even inside them!

The prophet Jeremiah faced a similar resistance to his message. He called the nation of Judah to repent or face destruction. Although this message of doom and gloom made him deeply unpopular with his people, it not only offered them their only chance of survival, but it also held out the hope of a better life.

As we study the message of Jeremiah and reflect on the good news of Christ, we will discover that hiding behind words like repentance and death is the great hope of the gospel.

  • On Saturday we will spend a couple of sessions of Ted-like talks focused on how the gospel shapes life. The speakers are all from our church and they include Dani Treweek, Brian and Susan Baumhammer, Jo Hayes, Guan Un and Elizabeth Richards.
  • Saturday will have plenty of free time in the afternoon and at night a fun time for all!
  • Sunday there will also be a time to hear from and support CMS.
  • There will be lots of time to eat and deepen our relationships as a church family!

Full Programme


7:30pm Praise and Worship


8:30am Breakfast

9:30am Session #1

10:30am Morning Tea

11:00am Session #2

12:00pm Lunch

1:30 pm Session #3

2:30 pm Free Time

5:00pm Prayer Walk

6:00pm Evening Meal

7:30pm Party


9:00 Breakfast

10:00am Session #4

12:00pm Lunch

Cost and Registration

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Account Name: St Stephens Anglican Church Newtown NSW

BSB: 112879

Account No: 465117751

Reference: Weekend 2017