What is Breathe?
We don’t get to walk into our workplaces with a neat spiritual plan of what to do.  We are already in the midst of things, in the midst of the mess of sin and the purposes of God. Our task is, through scripture, to wake up to what is happening around us and obediently walk in the direction of the kingdom. Breathe is a five week course that gives you a chance to slowly connect faith to life by waking up to various aspects of the story of scripture.
Breathe asks you to bring a ‘situation with you'
We do this in Breathe by focussing on one situation at work and unpacking it through weekly sessions. By holding a situation in one hand and the scriptures in the other, participants connect what they learn each week to a concrete part of their lives. If we can do that with one situation then we will also be able to do it with another. When we habitually connect issues in life with our faith we begin to live an integrated life around our Lord Jesus.
Weekly Meeting
Breathe meets for two hours weekly for 5 consecutive weeks. One hour is spent sharing a weekly sabbath task. One hour is spent considering a piece of scripture and its relation to a panel of the gospel story.
WEEK 1waking up to creation. Explores what it means for God to be creator (Psalm 104). Looking at how God is continually moving in all of creation through his Spirit. 
WEEK 2waking up to the fall. We consider how the problem with the world is not the good creation but the mess of desire which overpower us manifesting in sin individually and corporately as broken human structures (Ephesians 2)
WEEK 3 waking up to Christ. We consider Christ’s kingdom and person (Mark 1) and how knowing him enables our work.
WEEK 4waking up to our present. We will spend a week considering all of what God has put before us in life and how to faithfully walk in Christ’s ways (Colossians 3-4).
WEEK 5 – waking up to God’s future. We discern the difference between the work we do now and the final work of God in Revelation (21-22).
Devotions and Reflections
In addition, there are a set of devotions between weekly sessions which deepen and grow the teaching from the week along with a theological reflection on the teaching content. It is the combined use of devotions, scripture reading and theological reflection which provides a formative experience for the members of the group.
Breathe gets you to explore your ‘situation’ systematically:
Before coming each week, there is a ‘sabbath’ exercise to be completed. This will sum up the week’s worth of devotional material and the theological ideas unpacked from scripture the week before. In each, participants are invited to connect the theology learnt to the issue they are facing. 

SABBATH #1 – Waking up to what is actually happening.
SABBATH #2 – Waking up to the Spirit’s presence in the situation.
SABBATH #3 – Waking up to the fall, in people, in the workplace, in your heart.
SABBATH #4 – Waking up to Christ, how his fullness empowers our work.
SABBATH #5 – Waking up to what God is calling us to in every area of life.
How to run a session
1.   Breathe is designed to be done with a small group of people, however it could be done by two or three. 
2.   Allow time for people to share the situation they are facing at the beginning of each week through speaking about their ‘sabbath exercise’ for that  
       week. Pray after each person shares.
3.   Read through the scripture together and simply ask the two questions for each week after each reading. Letting people mark up the scripture as 
       they go in answer to the questions provides the best means of further discussion.
4.   Connect the scripture reading to the points made in the reflection or summary at the beginning of the session to deepen theological reflection on 
       the passage. Keep the main point of each week in view as you unpack scripture.
5.   Preview the devotions and sabbath task to be completed before meeting next week and pray in your learning.
NEAC will be running a new Breathe course in early 2020
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