NEAC Christmas Couch Choir

Thank you for your interest in submitting a video for our Christmas Couch Choir! We will be singing 'O Holy Night' 

Included below are the instructional and recording videos for 'O Holy Night' so you can record right now and upload (It's super easy). 

The first video has Nicci singing the song, so you can rehearse and then perform the song. Play this video on one device (could be a laptop, phone or iPad) using headphones or earbuds, while you sing along. Once you're pleased with your performance, you will need to record it on a second device - maybe another phone, an iPad or laptop. We have included the instructional video again just in case you need to refer to it. 

Important tips: Please film in landscape with as blank a background at possible. Feel free to get creative with sign or Christmas gear! 

So to recap:
1. Watch the video on this page and Nicci will conduct you for your recording. Don't worry as the lyrics are included.

2. Record your video using your second device (Please record in landscape) 

3. Once you complete your recording, upload to the Dropbox link via the big pink button that you will find below. 

When you have recorded the song just click the big pink button to upload it to Dropbox.
Upload your video

Please upload by the Thursday 10th to give us time to compile it all together.

If you have any trouble, please contact Xanthe at the office at hello@neac.com.au or (02) 95572043
This is ideal for low voices
This is the familiar tune
This is ideal for high voices

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