Celebrating Easter

We’d love to invite you to celebrate Easter with us this year. Here is how we are celebrating: 

Graveyard Drama

Thursday, 18 April, 2019 8:00 PM 

On Maundy Thursday, a group of actors will be staging a roving performance in the Camperdown cemetery. Follow the actors through the graveyard as they portray Jesus' final supper, arrest and trial on his journey towards the cross: the wooden execution device that became the symbol of Christianity.

Come along as we experience the events that happened just under 2000 years ago, the night before Jesus was killed. The events of these three days sparked millions of people from hundreds of languages groups and cultures across two millennium to trust Jesus as their saviour.

Good Friday Services

Friday 19 April 9.00 am
Newtown and Erskineville Churches

How could the death of one man 2000 years ago affect our lives in 2019?

Come and join us as we contemplate the meaning of Jesus' death and how it changes everything. We will be singing songs, praying together and reading God's word. Everyone is welcome!

Easter Hunt

Sunday 21 April 9.30 am
Newtown Church

On Easter Sunday, our church will be hosting our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Bring the whole family along to hunt for hidden chocolate treasures in the Church grounds! 

Easter Sunday Services

Sunday 21 April 10.00 am and 6.30 pm
Newtown Church

"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said"

Christianity and the Bible make the incredible claim that after being executed on the cross and buried in a tomb for three days, the man Jesus rose again from the dead. Not only that but Jesus was the son of God and went to heaven shortly after His resurrection to rule with God. 

Hear the story behind these incredible claims and celebrate Jesus' promises of eternal life to those who love Him!

Easter under the Tree

Sunday 21 April 3.00 pm
Under the Fig Tree at the Graveyard

This Easter, we are gathering under the Fig Tree for an informal celebration of Jesus rising from the dead. Join us for songs and readings from God's word, as we contemplate Jesus' death and resurrection.  

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Whole communities captivated by Jesus Christ and living out His freedom.

our mission

Connect people to Jesus, Build them up in Jesus and Release them to serve Jesus
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