lil church is a church service tailored for kids in Preschool - Youth.

We start in the service with the adults then leave to the hall for lil church after the first two songs. If your child feels anxious about parting from you please feel free to join them as they get settled, or find one of our leaders who are more than happy to help where they can with the separation.
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We are aware that preschool aged kids have different needs and learning abilities than those older than them. So while our preschoolers join us at lil church, after a short period of time they head to their own group with their leaders. This meets in the preschool room at the back of the hall. At the conclusion of the  service please feel free to enjoy a child- free coffee the after a short time pick them up from this room and sign them out.

Creche and babies

It is not always easy getting the opportunity to hear a sermon with a toddler and a baby. So we have two spaces set up that both stream the sermon and that make make it easier for your toddler to have a play or for your baby to get to sleep.

Firstly our Crèche room at the left hand side of the church entrance has toys and play activities for your little ones to enjoy and also has the sermon on speaker for you to listen to. Secondly our foyer area which is a little quieter than a toddler filled Crèche room, has pram space for babies being rocked to sleep as well as the sermon over the speaker.

If it is easier for your children to remain in the service with you that is also most welcomed. But these spaces are on offer if you feel that would be helpful for both you and your child.

If you have any questions about lil church or the kids programs, please don’t hesitate to ask Megan at megan.haviland@neac.com.au or call 0488 953 322.

Duty of care

Children have the right to be safe and well looked after when they are in our care. All those exercising a pastoral ministry involving children in our church have responsibility for the safety and welfare of the children in their care.

For this reason it is good to be clear about the duty of care at lil church each week. Your child will be in the care of the lil church leaders from the exiting of the service until they are picked up by myself or a nominated adult. We would love you to enjoy a coffee together without kids but also have a commitment to love and care for our leaders who are being spiritually cared for at our 10:45 service. For this reason we ask that your duty of care resume 10 minutes after the conclusion of the service, giving you enough time for a little coffee and chat.

Child safety

All the leaders of lil church have completed Safe Ministry training in compliance with standards set by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. 

We follow these basic guidelines to ensure the kids at lil church are safe:
1. Kids are not allowed to go outside the fence unless a parent or guardian has signed them out. 
2. Kids are never alone with any adult. Leaders are always within sight and/or earshot of other leaders. Most activities are done as part of a big  group or small groups of no less than three kids.
3. Kids are not to leave the group without first telling a leader.
4. Activities are planned with careful thought and consideration of the allergies and abilities of the kids that come. We are always happy to discuss particular events with parents to ensure safety.


We collect basic personal information from parents via the registration form. This information is not shared with anyone beyond the leadership team and staff of NEAC. It is used to ensure the safety of all the children, particularly in regard to allergies. It also allows us to contact the Parent or Guardian if there is an accident or injury.


We regularly take photos and sometimes short videos of lil church games and activities. These are mainly used for lil church activities or events.. Photos may also be used in advertising for church events or regular church newsletters or on the website (without names). Please inform us if you do not wish your child to be included in photographs in one or any of these contexts. Your permission can be given or withheld on the registration form.

Term 1 Dates

Friday 31st Jan, Week 1: Wet n Wild
Friday 7th Feb, Week 2: Giant Board Game 
Friday 14th Feb, Week 3: Lego Masters
Friday 21st Feb, Week 4: Mad Science
Friday 28th Feb, Week 5: Sugar Rush
Friday 6th Mar, Week 6: Messy games
Friday 13th Mar, Week 7 Robot week
Friday 20th Mar, Week 8: Ninja warrior
Friday 27th Mar, Week 9: Kids club goes Bowling (outing)
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