Hi, we’re the Azali family!
Emmanuel is a teacher, Marie-Clare in a nurse, Ezekiel is a blue-tac moulding runner and Eden is a flower loving baker. We love to cook together, meet up with new and old friends, go on exciting adventures and share the love of Christ with our local community.

The Azali are serving with:
The Azalis are seeking to reach marginalised people groups such as slum dwellers, sex workers and neglected youth, to spread a light in this darkness. Working as part of the Love the Urban Poor team alongside their local church, they long to see Thai lives and communities transformed through encounter with Jesus Christ.
  • How can I pray for the Azalis?

    1. Thank God for a relaxing recent holiday out of the city after lockdown. Pray for establishing a new normal as Ezekiel and Eden return to school in a fortnight

    2. Praise God for the progress Emmanuel is making with learning Thai. Pray for opportunities for Marie Clare to build up her nursing hours so that she can maintain her Australian registration.

    3. Every Friday the Azali Family visits Ba Nok, a Christian lady who sells eggs, fish and vegetables in our ministry community. Please pray for Ba Nok as she talks to others about her faith. We also had the chance to visit another older lady in the community. Ba Nung collects and recycles paper (which she sells for 10 cents per kg). Pray for her as she is looking more frail. She wants to return home to NE Thailand in her final years but doesn't have the financial means to do so. (The situation is more complex than just buying her a bus ticket). 

    4. Pray for discipleship opportunities within the Azali family's church community. Pray that local believers would be raised up by God to take His message to the urban poor.

    5. Pray for wisdom regarding returning home to Australia in 2021: if present COVID restrictions persist, if the Azalis came back, they would struggle to reenter Thailand and continue their ministry.
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  • How can I care for the Azalis?

    1. Keep in touch – let the Azalis know you are praying for them. Send an email from you or your small group, or skype them to find out how you can best love them

    2. Send a Christmas card or gift 

    3. Visit them when they are in Australia

    4. Ask the Azalis if there are ways you or your small group can care for them practically or spiritually.

  • How can I give to support the Azalis?

    Australian individuals and churches are the vital link to mobilising, sending and sustaining Interserve workers in wholistic ministry. Every life transformed is the result of a team of people giving in different ways. We’d love you to be part of this work.

    Find out more about financial support
  • How can I consider going with Interserve

    Interserve is an organisation that seeks to make Jesus Christ known through whole-life ministry, in partnership with the local church, amongst the neediest peoples of Asia and the Arab World. 

    Interserve seeks to use the skills and gifts God has given you to practically share the love of Christ in marginalised communities and equip local believers as they proclaim Christ in word and deed. Interserve supports both short term and long term mission. 

    find out about interserve
Life in Bangkok during COVID-19
School online

our vision

Whole communities captivated by Jesus Christ and living out His freedom.

our mission

Connect people to Jesus, Build them up in Jesus and Release them to serve Jesus
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