University is a strategic time in a person’s life. It is a time when they can think about how to use their profession for God’s glory, or about doing further training for church-based ministry. 

Celia is working with the EU to raise up students who will make it their priority to serve God in locations where the Church is small, isolated or under pressure from Islam, Buddhism or secularism. Through our prayer, financial support and care, Celia and the EU can help release a flood of students to serve in less reached, less resourced (LRLR) parts of the world. 

Celia and her husband James attend the Newtown morning service.

 Celia serves with
It has been a huge thing for the Evangelical Union to adjust to the changes that have hit us all. Quite swiftly at the University's encouragement the EU decided to move all its ministry online. From packed out lecture theatres in Eastern Ave and Carslaw, the EU moved quickly to Zoom meetings. There are a few stats to the right:
 A reflection page created at the last minute as a missions conference was cancelled. 

How can I pray for Celia?

1. Praise the Lord that the EU was able to move online so smoothly and so quickly. Thank God that the students were so keen to continue meeting virtually and growing in Christ!

2. Thank God for the creativity and perseverance you gifted the missions conference team, when the Next Steps conference was cancelled two weeks out from the date. Thank God that they were able to create a way for students to reflect from a distant. Pray for continued creativity for EU missions team as they think of ways to love less reached and less resourced churches virtually later this year. 

3. Pray for creativity for Celia as she shifts focus from encouraging students to move to a LRLR church, to focussing on how to support those already serving overseas or in LRLR churches from a distance. 

4. Pray for Celia and James in this time of unexpected loss and shock. James has been let go from his job at CMS after nearly three decades of service, first as a missionary, then as a video editor. Pray for them as they grieve for the loss of a job that James loved and the chance to minister alongside many CMS missionaries. Thank God for their faith in the Lord Jesus that he is still working for their good, and their strong trust that he will use this for his glory. Please pray with Celia and James as it gives them opportunities to speak frankly to their non christian friends about their hope and security in Christ.
email lrlr.sueu@gmail.com to get celia's full prayer points

How can I care for Celia?

1. Keep in touch – let Celia know you are praying for her. Send an email from you or your small group, friend her on social media, or catch up with Celia and James at church on a Sunday.

2. Send Celia a Christmas or birthday card or gift (28 May).

3. Invite Celia and James to a social outing.

4. Ask Celia and James if there are ways you or your group can care for them practically or spiritually.
let celia know you are praying for her by emailing lrlr.sueu@gmail.com

How can I give to support Celia?

The Evangelical Union has always depended entirely on the donations and giving of generous Christian people. God has always provided! The EU's Graduates Fund believes that God works in the world as each person plays their part in serving and giving, under the Lord Jesus Christ and we would appreciate your prayer and financial support.
financially support celia

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