Michael and Jo are both teaching at the Centre for Pastoral Studies (CEP) in Santiago, Chile. Michael teaches Old and New Testament and Biblical Greek and Jo teaches Biblical Counselling. They also mentor graduates and help at their local church. Michael and Jo will remain in Chile until the end of 2021, when they will return to Australia and finish their service as missionaries. Their four grown-up children are now living in Australia and attending

The Charles are serving with:
Reflections on life in Chile
It has been a joy to feel the warmth of Spring and to see the plants respond to God’s faithfulness in bringing the seasons as he promised Noah. In these last few months we have had time and space to garden. I was reminded by a friend lately in thinking about gardening that in the face of powerlessness and uncertainty the little things we do have a slow but meaningful impact, and the fruit of our labour starts with one tiny seed of faith and faithful response. 

Last week we had our first visitors since March. One of our graduates from 2006, his wife and his four children spent the day with us. What a joy it was to share with them, to be reminded of the fruit of long-term ministry, and to encourage one another with the way God has been working in Chile to grow his church, both in numbers and maturity.

In the beautiful book Every Moment Holy, there is a liturgy for gardening. Part of this prayer asks that as God trains our hearts ‘our lives might spread in winsome witness, maturing to bear the good fruit of grace … that when we venture into the still greater garden of [his] world, we might … offer our lives as a true and nourishing provision … to all who hunger for [Him].’ The process of gardening requires patience, hard work, and even death, as does gospel work, but the end of the story is life and hope.

Pray that in this season in Chile, which feels more like hard work than harvesting, that God would make us faithful. Thank God with us for visible fruit, and for the promise of more. 

"I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth." -  1 Corinthians 3:6-7
  • How can I be praying for Michael and Jo?

    1. Pray that in this season in Chile, which for Michael and Jo feels more like hard work than harvesting, that God would make them faithful. 

    2. Thank God for the joy and humble reflection that gardening has brought Michael and Jo recently. Praise the Lord for drawing their eyes to Jesus and encouraging them with your faithfulness , even in difficult times.

    3. Thank the Lord for the recent visitors to their home - a graduate from 2006. Thank God with us for visible fruit of their ministry and hard work, and for the promise of more.

    4.Praise God for the many good works prepared by the Lord for the Charles, at the Centre for Pastoral Studies (CEP) and in the wider community. Thank God also for the way God continues to provide opportunities during the increasing Covid restrictions- Jo’s counselling and pastoral care online opportunities and reading the bible online with woman.

    5. Pray for God’s protection and mercy in the (still) rising Covid-19 cases. Pray that Chileans would know God's hope and comfort as these cases lead to increased restrictions and further decimating the poorer sectors of society still reeling from the social unrest of last year. Thank him for giving Michael and Jo good health, and for the freedom to exercise

    6. Returning back to Chile looks very different than anticipated. Covid has meant that Jo and Michael's kids can’t visit in July and thet are unsure if a trip home in December is possible. This has made Australia and loved one’s feel even further away, but lately God has been reminding them he is near and very much cares. 

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  • How can I care for Michael and Jo?

    1. Keep in touch – when the Charleses send a prayer email, reply letting them know that you are praying for them. 

    2. Adopt the Charles' at your small group. Send them letters,  organise a phone or Skype call, or friend them on social media.

    3. Michael and Jo's young adult children, Sam, Caleb, Emma and Lola are now living in Australia and attending NEAC. It’s tough being so far from family and adjusting to living independently at the same time – get to know them and find out how you can support them.

    Let the charles know you are praying for them at mjcharles@cms.org.au
  • How can I give to support Michael and Jo?

    CMS is a society of members, supporters and supporting churches. We undertake to send and support missionaries as they seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The financial support received comes only from individuals and churches who choose to give.
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  • How can I consider going with CMS?

    Has God been stirring you to consider serving him as a missionary somewhere around the world?

    CMS is passionate about sending the gospel out into all the world and dedicated to finding, training and supporting people for that task. If you are considering whether you could serve God overseas: pray and chat more with your NEAC minister or with CMS. 

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