Michael and Jo are both teaching at the Centre for Pastoral Studies (CEP) in Santiago, Chile. Michael teaches Old and New Testament and Biblical Greek and Jo teaches Biblical Counselling. They also mentor graduates and help at their local church. Michael and Jo will remain in Chile until mid 2021, when they will return to Australia and finish their service as missionaries. Their four grown-up children are now living in Australia and attending NEAC services.

The Charles are serving with:
Deciding to come home
We’re writing this newsletter from our flat in Santiago. We came down to the big smoke for the beginning of semester picnic in a local park. We can’t do the customary barbecue, as we are not allowed to share food, but we can get together at a respectable distance and eat sandwiches! We are very excited to meet the 12 new first year students and families, and to see the second and third years in person. This week was orientation week, and Michael has had four hours of Greek classes each day, still online. Next week Semester 1 begins in earnest.

It is a bitter-sweet beginning. Towards the end of last year, in consultation with CMS and other wise counsellors, we made the decision to finish our time in Chile a few months early. Instead of teaching till the end of 2021 and finishing with CMS mid 2022, we plan to leave Santiago in July and finish up at Summer School 2022.

Our decision was influenced by the social unrest that prevented us living close to CEP, the pandemic that has significantly isolated us and limited opportunities to disciple students, and a deep tiredness and longing to be near loved ones. We are grateful for the opportunity to invest in one last generation, the largest and most international ever, in our last semester at CEP! Thank you for your part in this.

Exodus 33:14, 17: And he said, “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest … This very thing that you have spoken I will do for you for you have found favour in my sight and I know you by name.”

  • How can I be praying for Michael and Jo?

    1. Please pray for Michael and Jo as they begin the mammoth task of teaching, sorting, selling and packing, and saying goodbye. 

    2. Please pray for grace as teachers and students face another year of curfew, lockdown and online learning, and that God will provide flights home in July for Michael and Jo.

    3. Pray for the Charles Family as they settle back into life in Australia, and figure out what that will look like.

    4. Thank God for over a decade of service in Chile: for how he has continually provided for them in Chile and how in his mercy, he has used Jo and Michael for his glory there. 
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  • How can I care for Michael and Jo?

    1. Keep in touch – when the Charleses send a prayer email, reply letting them know that you are praying for them. 

    2. Adopt the Charles' at your small group. Send them letters,  organise a phone or Skype call, or friend them on social media.

    3. Michael and Jo's young adult children, Sam, Caleb, Emma and Lola are now living in Australia and attending NEAC. It’s tough being so far from family and adjusting to living independently at the same time – get to know them and find out how you can support them.

    Let the charles know you are praying for them at mjcharles@cms.org.au
  • How can I give to support Michael and Jo?

    CMS is a society of members, supporters and supporting churches. We undertake to send and support missionaries as they seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The financial support received comes only from individuals and churches who choose to give.
    financially support michael and jo
  • How can I consider going with CMS?

    Has God been stirring you to consider serving him as a missionary somewhere around the world?

    CMS is passionate about sending the gospel out into all the world and dedicated to finding, training and supporting people for that task. If you are considering whether you could serve God overseas: pray and chat more with your NEAC minister or with CMS. 

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