There are currently 28,000 international students at Sydney University, around 18,000 of them from mainland China – most of whom have no understanding of the gospel. 

Ben serves with euFOCUS, the Evangelical Union’s (EU’s) ministry to international students. He recruits, trains and walks alongside Christian students and ministry apprentices to proclaim Christ to international students and ground new believers in the faith, so that they return home living for and proclaiming Christ. 

Siân supports him by caring for their boys, Elias, Jude and Rupert.

Ben serves with
A story from one of Ben's trainees
I met Mary* at our weekly Come Home Dinner last week. She had never heard about Jesus until a few weeks ago when she crossed paths with two Mormon missionaries. 

Mary was so hungry to find out more about Jesus, so when she came across FOCUS, she was eager to join and ask her questions about the Bible. Another student and I met up with Mary to read the Bible, and she asked about the book of Mormon. We explained to her, as graciously as possible, that we do not believe in the book of Mormon, that Christians and Mormons believe different things, that Mormons do not believe in the same Jesus as Christians. 

Mary began to ask questions like, "Would Jesus forgive us again if we do bad things after we believe in him?.. I want Jesus as number one in my life but I know he's not number one now."

It was amazing seeing her come to grips with the truths of her brokenness and God’s immense love for her. So amazing, yet terrifying, that Mary’s first knowledge of Jesus was through Mormons. I don't know what exactly the Mormons were telling her but the thing that stuck with her in her interactions with them was the person of Jesus. Praise God that he can even use the mouth of false teachers to draw people to the gospel of Jesus! The harvest truly is plentiful!  

Praise God that He led Mary to us!

Some photos from orientation week this year:
  • How can I pray for the Lims?

    1. Give thanks for 130 FOCUS newcomers - pray that the euFOCUS team would follow them up well. Praise God for 2 students who've prayed to Jesus to become Christians - pray that they keep growing in Jesus.

    2. Amidst COVID-19As the EU has moved online for Small Groups, Public Meetings, Equip Training Courses, euFOCUS Come Home Dinner and Team Meetings, please pray that EU students and staff will remain relationally connected to love one another and together remain and grow in Jesus, and continue sharing Jesus with others.

    3. Please pray for wisdom, grace and strength as Ben continues to lead the euFOCUS Team online. Pray for grace, discipline, patience and wisdom as Ben works from home.

    4. Pray for wisdom and God’s provision as Ben and Sian decide on a highschool for Elias for 2021. Pray that Jude’s friendships and love for learning would continue to deepen. Give thanks that Rupert is settling into Kindy, enjoying his Home Readers!
    email bslim02@iinet.net.au to receive ben's full prayer points
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  • How can I care for the Lims?

    1. Keep in touch – let the Lims know you are praying for them. Send an email from you or your group, friend them on social media, or catch up with them at church on a Sunday.

    2. Send Christmas or birthday cards or gifts for their children (Elias: 9 Jan 2009,  Jude: 24 Aug 2010 and Rupert: 27 April 2015)

    3. Invite the family on a social outing.
  • How can I give to support the Lims?

    The Evangelical Union has always depended entirely on the donations and giving of generous Christian people. God has always provided! The EU's Graduates Fund believes that God works in the world as each person plays their part in serving and giving, under the Lord Jesus Christ and we would appreciate your prayer and financial support.

    financially support the lims and focus

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