There are currently 28,000 international students at Sydney University, around 18,000 of them from mainland China – most of whom have no understanding of the gospel. 

Ben serves with euFOCUS, the Evangelical Union’s (EU’s) ministry to international students. He recruits, trains and walks alongside Christian students and ministry apprentices to proclaim Christ to international students and ground new believers in the faith, so that they return home living for and proclaiming Christ. 

Siân supports him by caring for their boys, Elias, Jude and Rupert.

Ben serves with
Some of Ben's reflections on this year:

Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David. This is my gospel, for which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal. But God’s word is not chained.” - 2 Timothy 2:8-9

Lockdown. Border closures. Online classes, online Bible studies, online meetings. Many challenges have arisen to every international student hearing Jesus’ gospel this Year of Evangelism. We’re grieving the loss of in-person gatherings, sharing life and food alongside God’s word. For EUfocus, the atmosphere of a warm family gathering where you’re accepted despite your differences – experiencing God’s love in the loving embrace of God’s people – was vital to our ministry, helping international students feel God’s love across cultural and linguistic divides, motivating them to know Jesus more.....

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  • How can I pray for the Lims?

    1. Pray that students who’ve been investigating Jesus will continue to hunger and thirst to know Jesus more, and repent and believe, finding rest and peace in him. Pray that the five students who have come to Christ in euFOCUS will continue to be deeply rooted in Christ's love and continually growing in Him. 

    2. Pray that God might raise up a flood of Christian leaders across His world who are deeply grounded in His Word, have servant hearts like Jesus, and who are innovative in bringing Jesus to the world, today and in the tomorrow to come.

    3. Pray that euFOCUS will continue boldly sharing the good news, with their nternational friends, that they might share with their friends, until every international student hears Jesus’ gospel and is saved.

    4. Pray for wisdom and grace as Ben and Sian raise their boys to love & serve Jesus, especially Rupert settling into Kindy and Elias preparing for High School

    email bslim02@iinet.net.au to receive ben's full prayer points
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  • How can I care for the Lims?

    1. Keep in touch – let the Lims know you are praying for them. Send an email from you or your group, friend them on social media, or catch up with them at church on a Sunday.

    2. Send Christmas or birthday cards or gifts for their children (Elias: 9 Jan 2009,  Jude: 24 Aug 2010 and Rupert: 27 April 2015)

    3. Invite the family on a social outing.
  • How can I give to support the Lims?

    The Evangelical Union has always depended entirely on the donations and giving of generous Christian people. God has always provided! The EU's Graduates Fund believes that God works in the world as each person plays their part in serving and giving, under the Lord Jesus Christ and we would appreciate your prayer and financial support.

    financially support the lims and focus

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