Service of Lament

A service to help us process this year and its sadness
Friday 20th November 7pm
The COVID -19 pandemic has brought loss and stress to many people.  The difficulty of this year is that people are experiencing so many layers of grief for so many losses and they’re trying to process and deal with these all at the same time. This is a time of ‘collective grief’; that is experiencing grief in the context of knowing that many others are experiencing grief as well.

We want to create a space to lament. Lament is something we might have lost touch with, but the ancient Psalms give us permission to bring our frustrations and grief and lay it before God and a larger story. By doing so we can actually process the aspects of this year. 

On Friday 20th November at 7.00 pm we will be running a service of lament. Everyone is welcome.

During the service there will be a time to name different aspects of grief, to petition particular requests before God and a short talk on grief and hope. Our hope is that this year would help bring us together and strengthen us.

To attend in person you are required to sign in either here or at the door. 

Watch online here from 7pm or attend in-person

Register for the Service

Registration is necessary for in-person attendance. You will receive an email  that you can show at the door. 
What will the service look like? 

The service is based on Psalm 77.

Reading 1: "I cried out to God"
A short outline of grief
Specific laments and silence:
      Loss of work, Loss of connection, Loss of plans, Loss of life

Reading: "Has God forgotten to be merciful?"
Specific requests 
Finding hope
Lighting of candle


Following the service, there will be an opportunity for people to be prayed for individually.

Grief Support Group

Grief is complex and there is great value in creating a more regular space for people to share in the journey of finding hope again. If there is enough interest we would love to create a grief support group where we can support one another in this journey. If you'd like to express your interest in this group please share your details with us.

If you'd like to express interest in a newly forming support group please share your details  here
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call (02) 9557 2043 or email office@neac.com.au

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