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We are excited to be relaunching lil church on 19th July at both of our NEAC Morning services at 9am or 11am. All care will be taken to promote social distancing and provide a clean and safe environment. Here's a bit of a walkthrough on what dropping kids at preschool and lil church will look like...

Drop off
For the 9am service, drop off will be at 8:45am and for the 11am service 10:45am.
Drop off will be at the main cemetery fence gate. For safety purposes there will not be access to the hall via the side driveway. During this time, we ask that parents drop off their children as efficiently as possible.

If you have a preschool aged child, we ask that you take your children to the toilet before the service and then settle them in the preschool room with their leaders.

Pick up
We ask that you pick your children from the hall swiftly after the service and then join everyone else for morning tea at the side of church. The fenced area will be available for kids to play in during this time under the supervision of parents. However, we will need you to vacate this area for the next service by 10:45am

Due to new restrictions, we are not longer able to provide morning tea to share. For the sake of loving hangry kids, we ask that you pack and label a drink bottle and some snacks for your child.

The building will be deep cleaned once a week to ensure that COVID won't spread at NEAC. We will be using cleaning products and procedures recommended by NSW Health and Safe Work Australia.

All toys will be disinfected by volunteers between every service to ensure there is no spread between services.

There will be two creche spaces designated in chirch. There will be comfortable seating in these spaces but no toys. Bring your own toys!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas contact Megan (children's minister) on 0488 953 322 or at megan.haviland@neac.com.au

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