Our vision is to see whole communities captivated by Jesus and living out his freedom.
We love the diverse communities of Newtown and Erskineville and our hope is that we can be a church where Jesus is not just a figure who provokes curiosity by captivating people, for in Jesus there is a freedom like no other. 

Our mission is to connect people to Jesus, build them up in Jesus, and release them to serve Jesus in His church and world.
As a church we seek to live out Jesus' freedom by connecting other people to Jesus' love through word and deed, building up people by helping them see what's captivating about grace and how it changes everything and then releasing people to lead in our community, their neighbourhood and their workplace.


We are a church with a long historical connection to the local area and we value that connection with Newtown and Erskineville. The gothic St Stephen’s Church Newtown was built in 1874. Its iconic fig tree, beloved by the Newtown community, is the same age. Holy Trinity Erskineville, built in 1885, is located where Rev. George Erskine lived, the man after whom the suburb Erskineville was named. Only in the last 8 years have the two churches been known as a single parish. A small number of people were meeting on each site at the turn of millennium. Since then several hundred people have called NEAC home.
Cemetery History


We have a lot of stories we could tell from our history, but it is the story of God’s love for the world that ultimately defines us. We believe that Jesus is the hero of God’s love story. Jesus is not simply a remarkable person of history but the one who sets us free. If you want to know more about Jesus check out any one of our gatherings or see our calendar for a variety of events we run.


NEAC is home to a diverse range of people with unique stories. The freedom that Jesus gives can look really different depending on where you’ve been and the life you have. We welcome others as Christ has welcomed us - He not only welcomed the stranger but died for sinners.

our vision

Whole communities captivated by Jesus Christ and living out His freedom.

our mission

Connect people to Jesus, Build them up in Jesus and Release them to serve Jesus
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