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If you're new at NEAC we'd love to meet you (if we haven't already). Coming along to church for the first time might not feel like an easy thing to do. We want to help you feel welcomed from the first friendly person you meet. We'd also love to share with you some of the things happening at church. If you'd like to know more, speak to anyone one of the NEAC ministry staff or share your details with us here.


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Resources to help you serve

+ coming soon... a resource to help you discern your gifts and passions in conversation with those who know you well.


As a church, we recognise that everything we have and are is from and for God. We seek to support the preaching of the good news of Jesus here in Erskineville & Newtown and around the world. To this end, we encourage our regular members to give as they are able to support the growth of God’s kingdom.

Electronic giving

We recommend electronic transfers to enable giving to be regular and anonymous. You can also  give via credit card.


By donating to the ministry of NEAC you are also supporting our missionary partners. You can also give to them directly here.
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Small groups

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At NEAC we are committed to creating spaces where we can encourage, experience and express the “one another” life of Christian community outside Sunday services. Each week in Small Groups we hope to do this by talking with each other, praying together and looking at God’s word.
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Faith and Work

At NEAC we think Jesus gets to our desk Monday morning before we do. He is not just interested in our work, he is Lord over it. The grace God has shown us in Jesus changes everything. What does it look like to work in response to what God has done? How do we bring our faith into our everyday work pressures and stresses? Into the communication breakdown in our office emails? Into our career questions and longings? Into the disappointments and failures we experience daily? God in his word has much to tell us about the world he has made, the hope of heaven and what work looks like in a place like Sydney. Our prayer is that God would release many people to use the precious gifts and time he has given them to work in Jesus’ name.


Citizens is a year-long journey a group of workers takes together to discover how the gospel changes them and their work. It takes a daily journey with God in scripture, reading works written by Christians through the ages, an authentic community of prayer and thoughtful consideration of the heart to make sense of work. The story of scripture alters how we understand ourselves, God’s world and the work before us. It is worth spending a year making sense of what most of your life is about.
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Workplace Lectures

Twice a year we run a lecture to help us contemplate what it looks like for us to be captivated by Jesus in our working life. 


Sermon series

Gospel Free

Gospel Free - Galatians

In Galatians, we see Paul telling the church that all they need—all they could ever need—is the gospel of God’s unmerited favour to them through Christ’s life, death and resurrection.
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our vision

Whole communities captivated by Jesus Christ and living out His freedom.

our mission

Connect people to Jesus, Build them up in Jesus and Release them to serve Jesus
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