Sunday Gatherings
Everyone is welcome! Join us in person or online. 
Are you new? You're welcome to come to church - let us know you're coming. You can also find out more here:

NEAC Mornings

10AM on Sundays 
St Stephens Anglican Church Newtown
We are a diverse and vibrant service with people from all stages of life. During the service we run a kids programme for children for preschool and primary aged children. 

You should expect freshly made barista coffee, a bunch of kids running around, music, a 25 minute talk from a passage of the bible, prayers and an opportunity to hear from members of the congregation and about what’s happening at our church. There is a morning tea with barista coffee following the service. 

You can park on site (entrance near big fig tree of 189 Church St) and can enter the church building from the side or rear.

There is a crèche area for babies at the front left of the church building and a kids program runs in the hall beside the church. There is also a program for highschoolers during this time

What to expect in livestreaming

The live stream will be accessible 30 minutes before the scheduled service start time.  We will be using 'Zoom' to broadcast our services.  

1. Click the link above or right here 

2. You will be asked for your name and email, enter these and join the meeting. 
3. If it is before your service time, feel free to use the 'chat' function to message those who are also on the stream. 

4. Sit back and enjoy the service as you usually would. We will be singing, praying, reading the Bible and listen to a sermon, like we would on a normal Sunday. 
5. Stick around after the service and continue chatting.

Cottage Church

4.30PM on Sunday
St Stephen's, 189 Church St, Newtown
Cottage Church is an informal and welcoming christian community. We seek to create a space where people can share, ask questions or just take in all that happens as we learn from each other in our diversity.

We meet in the back of the hall (the building adjacent to the church). A sign will point you in the right direction. In our service we chat, pray, sing, discuss a message from the scriptures, and then conclude with some afternoon tea.

We’d love for you to visit us, everybody is welcome!

If you would like to join the zoom on Sundays, please email hello@neac.com.au.

Church in the Graveyard

6.30PM on Sundays
St Stephens Anglican Church Newtown
Church in the Graveyard is a modern and joyful gathering where we try to make sense of life in Sydney, it is warm and welcoming, a great place for building friendships.

We listen to music, pray, someone shares part of their story, we hear a 25 minute talk from the Bible. Often we head to King St for dinner after.

You can park on site (entrance near big fig tree of 189 Church St) and enter the church building from the side or rear.

You can find us at:

our vision

Whole communities captivated by Jesus Christ and living out His freedom.

our mission

Connect people to Jesus, Build them up in Jesus and Release them to serve Jesus
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