Everyone has questions.

This has been another disorienting season. We are hope shaped creatures and we're looking for something more solid... 

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith. No matter what background, faith, or walk of life, we ALL have questions, and we all deserve a safe and friendly space to ask them. No question is too big or too small to explore.

You can ask questions, you can tell what you think, you can just listen. Everyone is welcome at Alpha!

When and where is it?

Starts Monday 11th October 7:30pm on zoom.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to explore meaning, hope and faith. While we present a Christian view on these things we encourage people to listen and share what they think.

I'm interested...

Alpha Online...

Normally we have a meal together in a bar and get to know each other as we share our stories and discuss together. We'll find creative ways to replicate this over zoom to capture the alpha experience. Each night will include a few basic elements:

  • Eat *together* and mingle
  • Watch a video (you can see the first one here)
  • Discuss the video in smaller groups

We don't make any assumptions about your background or opinion. Everyone is welcome!

Last year we ran several alpha's as many people were prompted to consider hope and meaning in a tumultuous year.

One of those people was Kari. Listen to her reflections on attending...

At Erskineville's Kuki Tanuki
63 Erskineville Rd
Let us know you're interested...

I'm interested in coming...

our vision

Whole communities captivated by Jesus Christ and living out His freedom.

our mission

Connect people to Jesus, Build them up in Jesus and Release them to serve Jesus
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