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Photo IDName/sSection
2226Thompson?; Jane?G
362, 2306Evans; Mary Frances.F
6781?North Wall
6784?North Wall
6786?North Wall
6826?North Wall
6846?North Wall
6863?North Wall
6883?North Wall
6888?North Wall
6901?North Wall
6915?North Wall
6935?North Wall
6968?North Wall
6988?North Wall
7031?West Wall
7039?West Wall
7040?West Wall
7041?West Wall
7073?West Wall
7100?West Wall
7110?West Wall
7111?West Wall
7122?West Wall
7172?South Wall
7198?South Wall
7216?South Wall
7241?South Wall
7267?South Wall
7268?South Wall
7290?South Wall
7934?Cottage grounds
7937?Cottage grounds
7942?Cottage grounds
7945?Cottage grounds
039, 1306?. ?.OPQ
3211?; ? Christine?H
6848?; ? Edgar.North Wall
6774?; ? Randolph?North Wall
208?; ? Thomas.OPQ
6643?; ?, ? Mary, William Perry.I
1247?; ?, Annette Lucy.D
353?; ?, Augusta Maria.B
6684?; ?, George ?I
7298-7299?; ?, Jessie Elizabeth?South Wall
2285?; ?, Margaret, ? ?G
6617, 6619?; ?, Matilda, Rachael Isabella, William Edward.I
6881?; ?, Sarah Margaret.North Wall
7132?; Ann, Thomas Alfred?West Wall
6843?; Annabelle?, ? Mary.North Wall
7229?; Annie ?South Wall
7354?; Bailey?South Wall
2172?; Captain ?G
7320?; Caroline Elizabeth.South Wall
2066-2067?; Charles Robert, Edward ?H
3178?; Charles William, George.J
1217?; Charlotte.D
6847?; Conrad Ward?North Wall
2212Robertson?; Eliza Ann?, Selina.G
2102?; Eliza.E
7006?; Eliza.West Wall
3052?; Elizabeth.I
6771?; Elizabeth?North Wall
6738?; Evelyn? Rene?, ?North Wall
1220-1221?; Frances.D
7137?; Frank David, James Alexander, Janet Margaret, Helen Susannah, ?West Wall
3063?; Frederick ?I
1007?; Frederick.F/G
1005-1006?; George Henry.F/G
3289?; George Warwick?I
7220-7221?; George.South Wall
2001?; Harriet.G
7249?; Helen?South Wall
2079-2080?; Henry ?, Alfred, ?H
6920?; Henry? ?; Edwin.North Wall
6947?; Hugh.North Wall
7089?; James John.West Wall
7164-7165?; James William.South Wall
26?; James, Mary Ann.OPQ
2108?; James; Bedford?; Amelia?; Oldwell?; Hannah.E
108?; Jane Elizabeth.C
7303?; Jane, Elizabeth Harriet, Sarah?South Wall
1047?; Jane.F
147?; Johanna?OPQ
1286?; John, Amy Isabell, Jane.D
6724?; John.I
1244?; John?D
7079?; Joseph.West Wall
2034-2035?; Lieut. Col.H
33?; Lilly Emeline Naomi.OPQ
1219?; Louisa.D
2027?; Margaret Edith.H
1070-1072?; Margaret, ?F
331?; Margaret, Hannah, David.B
3099?; Margaret.I
7225?; Martha.South Wall
156?; Martin Charles?OPQ
1291?; Mary Ann.A?
3162?; Mary Ann.J
7218?; Mary Ann.South Wall
2?; Mary, William Sydney, William?OPQ
2091?; Mary.H
2234?; Mary?G
7088?; Mary?West Wall
6754?; Mary?, ?North Wall
6835?; Maude Anne.North Wall
2253?; Robert?G
1245?; Samuel.D
7250?; Sarah Ann.South Wall
1184-1185?; Sarah, Elizabeth.F
3248?; Sarah.I
2143?; Smith?, Reginald James Robert.G
7343?; Stephen? ?South Wall
1205?; Susan?D
7143?; Sydney Alfred.West Wall
3011Grimmord; Thomas.J
2191?; Wilise?G
2053?; William ?H
2239?; William ?, Roseanne?G
6804-6805?; William Houston, Maria Christina, Elizabeth Lyle, Octavious Eesworth, Christian ?, Margaret.North Wall
6855?; William.North Wall
281Abbott; Emma Harriett, Mary Ann, Thomas, Henry, HWC, Thomas Kingsmill.D
65Ablett; Mary Corby, William?K
308Aboriginal monument - Mogo, William Perry, Tommy and Wandalina [George Papas, Jerry?]B
035, 7344Absalom; Catherine. [Slater; Mary?]South Wall
256Adams; Edward Richard, Edward James, Lucy Claringbold.K
240Adams; Louisa. Tyrrell [Tyrrell]; Jemima, James.K
7334Addams; John.South Wall
3137Agars; Thomas, Jemima.I
6818Akhurst; John.North Wall
3224, 3242-3243Albery; Mark (and children).I
61Albin; Edward, James.K
6873Albon; Eliza Mary.North Wall
7065Alcock; John Neale, Winnefred Jane.West Wall
7261-7262Alderdice; Hugh, Laura Georgiana, Mortimore, Alexander, James, Jane.South Wall
7260Allder; William, Caroline.South Wall
3268Allen; Emma Caroline.I
6813Allen; George.North Wall
3265Allen; Henry ?, Sarah, Henry.I
060, 7318Allen; Mary Ann.South Wall
6793Allen; Mary, Henry.North Wall
7008Alleyne; Amos.West Wall
7106Almond?; Richard?West Wall
3020-3021Alton?; Louisa, Eva Florence. Barlow; Jane.J
2267Alward?; W T, Richard John, ? Henry, Jane Catherine.G
2268Alward?; W T, Richard John, ? Henry, Jane Catherine.G
6650-6653Anderson; David, Harriet Catherine. Gilder; Amelia Sarah Minnie.I
7145Anderson; Mary, Henry, Mary Ann (Bittman?).West Wall
6952Andrews; Caroline.North Wall
3071Andrews; Ellen Jane.I
226-227Andrews; John Roote, Sarah, Mary Ann, Mary.K
3274Annesley; Harriett May, Mary Ellen Jane, Milly, Alice Maud.I
6833Armitage; Anna Eliza, Anne Frances, William George, Eliza Jane.North Wall
2036Armitage; Fanny Bourke, Amelia Caroline.H
1073Asford [Ashford?]; Robert, ?F
1080-1082Ashmore; Samuel, Clara Potterick.F
3270Ashworth?; Emma, Frances Mary, ?I
7139Aspinall; Richard.West Wall
1054Aston; William, Lucy Ann.F
2081Atkinson; Sophia.H
1292Aulbery; Rachael Isaacs, Sarah Jane.OPQ
6791Austin; Charles.North Wall
7010Austin; Sarah.West Wall
197Austin?; William. ?A
244Aylward; James, Jane.K
2012Bacchus? [Bachus?]; George Henry? [Jerome?]H
1101Bailey; Richard, Charlotte, George James, Harriett Alice, Albert John, Harriett.E
7022Bain; Emma, Thomas William, Joseph Thomas, John.West Wall
060, 7319Baird; Henry Francis.South Wall
9Baker; Benjamin F.P
243Baker; George Francis.K
6927Baker; James. Solomon; Eliza, Jane. Clark; Eliza.North Wall
6625Baker; Mary, John.I
149-152Baker; Myra Ethel, Ethel May, Ellen Maud, Matilda, James Leslie, James Pounds, [William Thomas?]OPQ
7096Baker?; Cecilia Mary?West Wall
2240Bakerman?; Mary, Frederick?G
1127Baldick; Sarah, William.D
3035Balgrave; Henry Slome?J
7359Banbury; Florence May.South Wall
6796-6797Bannister; Mary, Bartholomew. Herbert; Emily Ada.North Wall
145Bardwell; Thomas.OPQ
342Barham; Sidney Matthew.B
2068-2071Barker; Elizabeth Aphrasia, Katherine Phoebe, Emily Annette?H
6827Barker; Sarah.North Wall
263-264Barker; Thomas, Joan. [Woore; Thomas]D
6980Barlow; James.North Wall
7009Barnett; James, Susannah, Lydia, Elizabeth Jane, John, Caroline, James.West Wall
052-053, 1317-1319Barr; Henry, George.OPQ
7204Barrett?; Orlando Rowland, Thomas.South Wall
7017Barry; Arden Joseph.West Wall
6969Bartlett; Edward ? Hinson, Sarah, Eliza Griffin?, Alice Maude.North Wall
6641Barton; Thomas, Sarah. Morris; Mary Ann.I
3141Barttelot; David B.J
7114Bastian; Albert Ernest Herbert, Arthur Spearman, Eliza Jane, Harold Copland Fleming.West Wall
343Bates; Mary Ann, Caroline.B
1120Bath?; Harriet, Frederick John, Florence Jane, Charles. Hooke; Thedora Caroline.D
6841Batoy; Thomas.North Wall
6756Bayley; David.North Wall
6671Baylis; Joseph Edward Snr, Joseph Edward Jnr, Emma.I
67Beard; Elizabeth, David.K
2290Beard; Reuben, William. Hood; Hugh Evans, Jane.G
88Beattie; Benjamin Bell, Jane.C
6681Beattie; Mary, James.I
2051Beatty; James, Bridget.H
3109Beck; Elizabeth.J
7294Bedford; Sarah, David Joseph.South Wall
6989Belbridge; Ann. Rodger; John.North Wall
2093Belissario; Mary.A
3146-3147Bell; Ann Jane, Stannus, Hannah. Stannus; James.J
3002Bell; George Alfred.J
255Bell; Henry John, Ellis James.K
2271Bell; Louisa, Edith Hermione.G
137-138Bell?; Philadelphia.D
3072Bennett; James, Catherine.I
1016Bennett; Joseph, Sarah.F/G
3073Bennett; Mary Ann.I
3262Bennett; Mary.I
3074Bennett?; ?I
2045-2048Benson; John, Mary Ann, John. Reeves [Reeve?]; Robert Baylie. Williams; George, Eleanor.H
235Bentley; Thomas Heyman, Selina Adeline, Mary Ann, Frederick Ernest, Frederick. McFarlane; Agnes Read, Alexander.K
2247Benton?; Edward, George.G
3097Betteridge; Joseph.I
2257Beverley?; Margaret.G
3139Bilford?; Ann Charlotte, Jane.I
2222Billing; Henry, Martha.G
107Bingham; Selina, Mary Ann, George.C
299Birch; Margaret Mary. Hope; John, Robert John.C
1018-1019, 2134Bircher?; Charles Edward, Mary Ann.G
6894Bird; Sarah Jane.North Wall
6936Bische?; Sarah.North Wall
1302Bishop; Matilda Emily. Seymour; Margaret Elizabeth.OPQ
3009Bissland; John, P. Steer, Daniel, Lilly.J
305Blacket; Sarah, Edmund Thomas, Marian.C
170, 172Blair; James, Sydney R, Charles, James Edwin.B
3212Blake?; Allion? Gorinas?H
7185-7187Bland; ?, Alfred, ?, Hannah?South Wall
7083Bloodworth; James (Jnr, and William?)West Wall
6860Blundell; Caroline, Caroline, William Henry, Thomas (Snr).North Wall
6865-6866Blundell; Emily, Harriet. Bartlett; Mary.North Wall
7434Board; Hannah Maria. Peterson; William Frederick.South Wall
1214, 1248Bochsa; Nicholas Charles.D
6877Bocker; Edward Sylvester.North Wall
272Bodenham; Charles Kemp, [Benjamin Garrett?]D
273Bodenham; Emma Jane.D
274Bodenham; Henry Bond Garrett.D
276Bodenham; Rev. Thomas [Noel? Or Wall?]D
1228Bodenham; William Teale.D
1227Bodenham; William Wall, Thomas Wall, Mary Emily.D
6929Body; Liel Frederick.North Wall
7178Boles; Martha.South Wall
202Bolsover; Thomas, Susan Tabitha.A
7099Bond; John? Pomroy, Amelia.West Wall
7181Booker?; Elizabeth.South Wall
73Boot; Mary Ann Weatherall. Stedman; Margaret.K
2236Booth; Thomas Joseph, Thomas William.G
2277-2278Booth; William, William.G
1117Borton; Jane, Edward.D
2131Borton; Mary Ann, Edward James Robert, Edward.G
6916Bosch; Siwert.North Wall
6672-6674Bott?; Augusta?. Higgs; ? Augusta. Burgess; Christianna.I
2052Boucher [Bougher?]; Lucy, Thomas.H
79-80Boulton; Caroline, Mary Ann Elizabeth, Bridget, John. C
7285Boulton; Susannah, John.South Wall
2140Bowen; Elizabeth Ann, William.G
2009Bowen; Mary Henrietta, Katherine Amelia.H
7305Bowen?; Henry?South Wall
3225Boyd; Jane Augusta.I
7224Boyd?; William?, Mary Ann?South Wall
3150Boyle; Michael Walford. Woolley; Percy Houghton.J
6637Brady; Henry Joseph.I
6790Bray; Amelia Catharine.North Wall
3138Bray; Helena, Frederick Herbert, Ellison Ernest, Violet Ethel, Herbert Charles, William Charles.I
1303-1304Bressington; [John]OPQ
6701-6703Brewster; Rosina Herbert, Rosina, Henry, Lilian, William.I
1279Brian; Albert, Catherine, Mary Ann.D
1282Brian; William, Susannah.D
1102Bridgland; Andrew?D
2279Brigg; Thomas, ?G
6832Briggs; Joseph, Margaret Jane, John.North Wall
6831Briggs; Joseph.North Wall
2254Brindley; Robert Haycock, Margaret Rose, Fanny Eleanor, Margaret? Anne.G
6958Broadley; James, Percival E. H., Lucy Annie Margaret.North Wall
7030Brook; Edwin.West Wall
3076Brooks; Maria Eliza.I
1039-1040Broughton; Sarah. Crawley; George.G
7203Brown; Ellen, Margaret, Matthew, Charles?South Wall
1278Brown; Henry, Ernest Sidney. Wright; George F. Hill; William R. Parry; Phoebe.D
7433Brown; Mary.South Wall
7118Brown; Richard.West Wall
6856Brown; Sidney Isaac.North Wall
3145Brown; Theodore.J
155Brown; Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Anne. OPQ
1088, 1284-1285, 1287Brown; William, Mary, Emma Elizabeth, George R S, Henry, William. Wright; George F.D
6844-6845Brown; William?, ? Robert.North Wall
2049-2050Brown?; Edwin, ?H
7101Browne; Charles.West Wall
3105Browne; Thomas.J
3223Bruffell; Amelia. Harman?; Elizabeth.H
1180Bruier?; Edward.F
1187Brush; Crane, John.F
1001Brush; Louisa, Mary.G
3043Bruun; Hugo O. E. Allan; Ernest Reginald, Maxwell Rennie [Rerrie?], Frances Penton.J
6882Buchan; John. Downie; Mary.North Wall
6979Buchanan; John.North Wall
2288Buchman?; Thomas ?, Nathaniel?, William Seymour?, Samuel ?, Jane ?, Sarah Catherine, Alfred ?G
1087Buck; Margaret, Thomas, Joseph Sydney, John Charles.F
068, 6911Buckett; John.North Wall
2208-2211Buckland; Thomas John, Hester Elizabeth, Eleanor, infant son, Maud Caroline.G
3255Bucknell; William, Martha.I
6932Buddivent; Amelia.North Wall
161, 163, 359Bull; Louisa Ann, James.B
83, 85-86Bull; Nathaniel George (grandson of Anthony and Harriet Hordern).C
335Bunting; Eli, Mary, Phoebe Ellen.B
3001Burgess; William.J
2264Burnell?; Elizabeth Frances.G
350Burnham; James, Catherine.B
3284Burrow; Charles.I
27Burrows; John ?. Carrard; John Burrows.P
283Burtoft; John, Elizabeth.D
3077Burton; John Henry.I
314-315Busfield, William; Bulman, DanielB
7098Butler?; Elizabeth, Catherine.West Wall
1099Butts; Elizabeth Frances Palmer.E
1097Butts; Stephen Fred Joseph, Stephen, Truth William Palmer.E
078, 302Byron [Brown?]; Elizabeth Ada.C
1223Cable; Jemima.D
28Cafferty; Margaret, Elizabeth.P
6937Cahil; James.North Wall
6744Callaghan; Sarah, Charles John, Arthur James.North Wall
7424Calvert; Susan, Henry.South Wall
7126Camden; Frederick, George.West Wall
192Cameron; Annie Rachel, Caroline Jane, Alexander.A
6910Campbell; William, Peter.North Wall
6966Campbell?; William? ?, Louise? Emy?, Lilla.North Wall
1065Cape; Jane, Francis Henry, Arthur Charles, Julius Sidney, Mary Alice.F
7050Cardwell; Margaret.West Wall
7342Carey?; William.South Wall
3281-3282Carfrae; Isabella. Young; Crawford.I
7171Carlion?; George Charles.South Wall
7005Carne; Mary Ann. O'Brien; Florence Robertson.West Wall
7123Carrad; William, Charles Frederick Augustus.West Wall
3175-3176Carrick; Hannibal Branson, Richard, James Francis. Foster; Eliza.J
3198Carrick?; Emily. Fowles; Augusta Emily. Titterton; Ida Augusta.H
116, 1253-1255Carruthers; Charlotte, John, John. McCoy; Emma.C
1033-1034Carter; Elizabeth, Walter Watson, Julia Mary, Jemima Phoebe, Robert Thomas.G
2038-2039Castle?; Harris, Ann?H
2260-2261Cattlin; Captain Edward, Amelia, Catherine, John Leads?G
6748Cavill; Mary Ann, John.North Wall
6777Cavill; Syria, John.North Wall
193Chackley; Sarah, Emily Mary, Elizabeth.A
7219Chadburn; Sarah.South Wall
13, 7358Chadwick; Ellen.South Wall
7121Chadwick; William.West Wall
3232-3233Challinor?; William, James, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary Ann.I
6789Chamber; Mary Anne, Joseph, ?North Wall
7170Chambers; Ann.South Wall
2064Chambers; Edward.H
256Chandler; Hallie.K
143Chapman; Edward.OPQ
7357Chapman; Ernest Hope, Arthur Wellesley.South Wall
3047Chapman; W. H.J
3188Chard; Robert Coulton, Frederic Sydney, Mary, Elizabeth, John.J
6904Charles; Annie.North Wall
6704-6709Child; Julia Ann, Jonathan Cooper, Alfred Stephen, James Spencer, Henry George, Septimus? Alfred, Edith?, Sarah Anne.I
2256Chislett; Alfred.G
6914Chiverton; ?North Wall
6967Chritt?; Maria Susan.North Wall
7056Church; Alfred Tasman.West Wall
7095Church; Elizabeth.West Wall
2250Clanham; Charles Owen. Wainwright; Emily. Dodd; James Alexander McDougal, Elizabeth Dainton.G
3084Clark; Charlotte Ellen, Frederick Trevelyan.I
3189Clark; Edward P.H
6626Clark; Harriet, John Joseph.I
7288Clark; James, Thomas, Sarah, Amelia Elizabeth.South Wall
219-221Clarke, Bertha; Newell; Annie, James.K
3269Clarke; Edwin.I
7272-7274Clarke; George, William Henry, Henry, Catherine, James.South Wall
2123Clarke; Isabella, Thomas, Charlotte Louise.E
3130Clarke; Thomas, Maria.J
7119Clayton; Benjamin, Broughton.West Wall
3012Clayton; Elizabeth Ann, James, John Horatio, William James.J
3017Clayton; George.J
3013Clayton; Jane.J
3018Clayton; Sarah, Sarah Jane, Julia Jane. Court; Martha Elizabeth.J
7194Clean; Andrew M, Andrew, Thomas.South Wall
6817Clifton; Sarah, Charlotte.North Wall
6630Clissold; Sarah.I
6753Clymo; Matilda Selina. Fowler; Elizabeth Jane, Robert.North Wall
3222Coates; William, Sarah, ?H
198Cobb; John, Lucy. Marsh; Maria Ann, George, Isaac.A
7120Cobb?; Mary? Ann.West Wall
6907Cockburn; George H, Matthew P, Elizabeth A, George H, Jane Hyer.North Wall
7116Cocksedge; Eliza Ann.West Wall
1157-1161Coghlan; Fanny Eveline, James, Mary, Caroline Maud Mary, Emma Cecelia, John, Mary Ann.F
7007Cohen; Ann. Boulton; Henry.West Wall
1085Cohen; Mary, Samuel Godfrey.F
23Coleman; John.OPQ
2148Coleman; William Eacott.G
7112Collett; Edith Stoney?, Edward Hartigan?West Wall
7192Collier; Henry Edward, Louisa, James.South Wall
275Collins; Isaac John, Sophia.D
056, 1311Collins; Ralph, Sylvester Alfred, Joseph Noble.D
7227Collins; Thomas.South Wall
2010Commins; Eliza, George Huyth?H
2126-2128Conley; James, Jane, David, Jones.G
1164Connell; ?, Albert Edmund.F
324Connell; John.B
7026-7028Conroy; Edward, Mary.West Wall
1114, 1195Context shot - Section D.D
7173-7177Coodin; Elizabeth, Emma Elizabeth, Mary Ann, William.South Wall
7200Cook; Alice Grace.South Wall
2150Cook; Joseph.G
2151Cook; Maria Josephine, Maria, Thomas Alfred Milson, Emily Ann, Annie.G
7077Cook; Thomas.West Wall
037, 7340Cook; William Mountford, Mary Ann.South Wall
6658Cooke [Cook?]; John, Jane.I
1113Cooper; Charles Thomas. [Annie]D
6854Cooper; Louisa, Jane Sophia.North Wall
44Cooper; Sarah.OPQ
2266Corderoy; Aaron Charles, Mary, Amelia Maria, Edward George, Annie Amelia, Jane Elizabeth, Emily Eliza.G
2298Cornell; ?; Albert Edmund.F
3251Cornish; Edward Arthur, Edward Brooking, Margaret.I
6741Cotton; William Henry, W. Mellier?North Wall
69Coull; Elizabeth.K
2129Coulton; GeorgeG
6964Cousens; John, Walter Pace.North Wall
1128Cousins?; Francis?D
7021Cox; Caroline.West Wall
7140Cracknell; James, Margaret.West Wall
2106-2107Craddock; Samuel Cho?E
130, 132Cramp; Sophia Matilda.D
3277Crane; Elizabeth. ?; Caroline.I
1096Crane; William A, Harriet.E
1110-1112Crane; William, Rowland Fairweather, Harriet Mary, Emily Constance, Margaret Amy, Annie Laura, Margaret.D
3230Creagh?; ?, George William, Jocelyn.I
6977Creasy; Madora.North Wall
6867Cribb; Isaac.North Wall
7179Crocker; Mary, Louisa.South Wall
7051Crocker?; Charles John.West Wall
1028-1029Croft; John, James Nicholas, Alice Jane, Alfred, Mary.G
3075Cronin?; Mary Ann.I
7280-7281Croppin?; Mary Elizabeth, William, Edward Thomas, Arthur John.South Wall
7252Croxon?; Mary, Emma Shepherd.South Wall
159-160Crump; Edward, Caroline, Blanche Caroline, Francis.OPQ
6642, 6682Crumpton; Thomas James.I
3142-3143Cullum?; George Joscoce?J
7317Cunningham; John, Mary King. King; Jane.South Wall
136Curran; Ann.D
2122Curry; RalphE
204Curtis; William, ElizabethA
2180, 7070Curtiss; Edward Henry, Harriot.West Wall
2103Cutler; Mary Ann Matilda, Henry John, Samuel William, Elizabeth Harriet.E
6889Dalzell [Dalziel?]; Charlotte Kimm, Cecilia Ann.North Wall
146, 1325Daniels; Isaac, ReubinOPQ
7246-7248Dart; Robert?, Mary Elizabeth, Robert, Rebecca.South Wall
7063Davies; Arabella, Lucretia Arabella.West Wall
7436Davies; Emma Apolonia.South Wall
3227Davies?; ?, Lovell.I
2165-2166Davis; Charles Frederick, George Stephen, Alice Marian.G
1053Davis; Sarah, Joseph. Head; Ann. Jones; Thomas.F
7324Davis; Susanna Cook, George W.South Wall
7058Davis; Thomas.West Wall
7012Davis; William, Rose. Bowman; George, Thomas, Mary.West Wall
1145-1146Davison; Henry James, James.F
178Dawes; William, AliceB
2215Dawson; Susannah Mary, [Richard, Rhoda Dainton, Thomas Richard]. [Next to iron monument]G
6957Dawson; William Leonard.North Wall
6763Dawson; William. [Emma Grace]North Wall
372-374Day; Charles John, Thomas, John Thomas Frederick, Ernest Asher, Ida Constance Kate, Jane Lines. Lines; Amy.D
6960Day; Mark.North Wall
1280-1281de Josselin?; Louis Charles Henri, Henriette Marie Antoinette, Henri Etienne.D
7284De Mole; John Stephen.South Wall
326Dean; Henry.B
1191-1194Dean; William Thomas, Mary Rowland, Phoebe Anne, Archibald Frederick, Kerenhappuch, William, Daniel Frederick, Mrs Kerenhappuch. Miller; Maude Eveline. Hopkins; Mona Eveline.D
2300Deane; John Philip, Alfred, Marie?F
059, 7327-7329Dearin; Sarah Ann, Henrietta, Sarah Ann, Charlotte Christiana, Ada Mary.South Wall
046, 1295Denford; Ann, Martha Jane, Samuel.OPQ
1035-1038Denison; Charles, Ellen Matilda.G
6986Dibley; Walter Monkton.North Wall
257-258Dibnam; Sarah.K
6949Dickman; Charles, Joseph.North Wall
70-71Dixon; John.K
6943Dixon; Martha King, Emily.North Wall
19Dobson?; Joseph.OPQ
2252Dodd; Rev T L.G
6879Dodd?; Carl Rottner? Georg.North Wall
7207Dolby; Elizabeth Hill, Susan.South Wall
7134Dole?; ?West Wall
6864Doley; Arthur John, Alfred.North Wall
2157Donnithorne; James, Eliza Emily.G
2041Douglas; Ann, James Hardie, Alexander.H
7214Douglass; Mary Wright, Emely, Henry.South Wall
301Downes; Thomas.C
7141Downs; William.West Wall
3055Drake; Charles James, Walter Percival Scott.I
3041Drake; Henry, Elizabeth.J
6776Drennan; Jane.North Wall
93-94Dreutler; Augustus (including footstone).C
257Drewe; William.K
6656Druitt; Frederick John.I
2111Druitt; Thomas, William, Charlotte Jane.E
7286-7287Duffin; George William, James.South Wall
7291Duffin; George, John Graves, Edward Henry, Elizabeth.South Wall
1051Dumaresq; William John, Susan. Eliza Henrietta?F
1076Dunbar & Catherine Adamson memorial.F
1074Dunbar Centenary Stone.F
3290Dunlop?; Ronald?I
2076-2078Dunn; William Ludwell, William Thomas, Mary Ann, Ann, Thomas LudwellH
357Dyer; Mary Hannah.B
1015Dyford; Thomas, Thomas ?F/G
6886Dyson; Catherine. Lennartz; John Peter.North Wall
6905Eady; ?, Thomas Bedford, Susannah Popjoy.North Wall
140Eames; Anne, George C, John.OPQ
2269-2270Eames?; Anne.G
3089, 3287-3288Earnshaw; James, Martha, Ai?, Ono.J
312Earnshaw; Robert. Hill; TWR.B
2178Ebbetts?; William.G
292-296Ebsworth; Sophie, Frances Mary, Octaviaus Bayliffe, Fanny Amy, Frederick Augustus, Robert Ernest, Sydney Moreton, ?, Frederick. Steel; Elizabeth, Captain Watson Augustus.K
6887Edgley; Sarah Mary. Fitzhenry; Frederick James.North Wall
2213-2214Edwards; Herbert Allen.G
3197Eisner; Henry.H
3215Eiston; Jane Farquar.H
3256Eldershaw; Pinney.I
110, 1270Elliott; James Ezekiel, Hannah. Westover; Ann. Walker; Elizabeth Ann.D
245Elliott; John.K
297Elmer; Fred.K
6683Elwin; Hastings [Hasting?].I
3155, 3157-3158Elwin; Isobel Blanche.J
3157-3159Elwin; William Hills, Willie.J
316Evans; Edgar William Clark, Lilly Teresina, Maurice, Elizabeth, Maurice George. Clark; George, Mary Ann.B
6806Evans; Emma, Jeremiah.North Wall
362, 2305Evans; John, Alfred Essex, Elizabeth, Alfred John.F
1057-1058Evans; Sarah H. Brady; John Odean, Esther, Esther C, Thomas P.F
362, 2194Evans; Sydney William, Henry Robert, Frances Helen, Fanny Kate.G
3249Everest; James. Davis; Fanny Dinah, Stephen Bernard.I
039, 1299-1300, 1306Everitt; Henry James, Henry James.OPQ
7315Ewens; Harriett Maria, Frederick Thomas, Ezra Walter. Noake; Mary Ann.South Wall
7346Farley?; Mary Ann?, ?South Wall
2007Farmer; Ann?H
371Farmer; Charles, George, Joseph.F
6824Farr; James Barfield.North Wall
7189Farr; Thomas, Mary Ann Letitia, Charles.South Wall
195Farrer?, ?A
1106-1107Ferguson; Stephen. [Long; Thomas, William, John]E
7205Ferris; John.South Wall
31Fisher; Matilda Emily. Seymour; Margaret Elizabeth.OPQ
3237-3241Fisher; Thomas Cathrew, ?, ?I
127, 129, 1230Fitzgerald; Captain Garrett Hugh.D
25Fitzpatrick; Charles, Mary Ann. Asken; Ellen. Harrison; Isabel.OPQ
7046Flashman; Catherine Agnes.West Wall
2040Flavelle; John, John, John Robert, Robert John, Kate Emily.H
3132Fleming; Robert.J
2073-2074Flood; James Thomas David, James Peter.H
322-323Follan; Mary Ann, John, Thomas, Amy, Mary, Isabella, William.B
2248Forbes; Ellen.G
7147Ford; Benjamin. Hornry; Wellington Cosmo.West Wall
351-352Fosbery; Godfrey Walcott, Charles Boric, Harriette, Edmund Walcott.B
3036Fossey; Mary.J
265-266Foster; ElizabethD
2218Foster; Joseph, Joseph James, Martha Hannah Louisa.G
6755Foster; Lucy.North Wall
1186Foulkes; Sarah Tempest, Edward.F
2110Fowler; James, Enoch, Jane, Anne, Enoch, Jane.E
2145-2146Fowler; Richard, William Charles, John, Enoch, Annie Jane, Sydney Gordon, Joseph Alfred.G
7049Fowler; Ruth Amelia, Charles Morant, Silas.West Wall
3062Fowler?; Jane, John, ? William.I
7430-7431Fox; Emily Jane, William?South Wall
1066-1067Fox; Henry Mortimer, Isobel Pilmor, Henry Thomas.F
2072Francis; ?, Thomas.H
7195Francis; Henry, Ruth.South Wall
6925Freake; Edward, William Salter, Elizabeth. Putt; William Thomas.North Wall
2092Freeman; Edward, Jane, Charles, ?H
153Frost; Peter? Henry.OPQ
7011Fusedale; Henry, Rebecca, Sarah, Anna, Thomas.West Wall
2185-2187Futter; Frederick Augustus.G
6940Galeraith; Laura Maria. Chaffield; Mary Christiana.North Wall
7054Gardener; Jane, Christopher, Mary.West Wall
7311-7314Garibaldi; Alfred Henry, Sarah Anna Maria, William John, Christiana, Michael. Veaney; Michael, Martha.South Wall
1246Garrett; Hannah.D
6660-6662Garrett?; Elizabeth, Elijah?, Robert, Sophia.I
7013Garrett?; Mary.West Wall
64Gaston; George.K
3217-3219Gaston; John Henry, Esther Jane, Isabella Ellen, Oswin Lewis, Ellen.H
1207Geddes; Emma, Florence Elizabeth, James H, Alice B, Ada M.D
2160George; Anne.G
6871George?; John.North Wall
7091Gerrard; Joseph Valentine, Eliza Jane, Thomas.West Wall
1089Ghost; Bathsheba.E
15Gibbs; John.P
318Gibson; Esther, Frederick, Eliza.B
7426Gibson; John George, Margaret.South Wall
3061Curnow? [Curnon?]; Charles Thomas, Charles Walter.I
1023Giles; Edmund.F/G
2149Gill; James. Selby; Jane, George, Alexander.G
260, 6972Gillam [Gillan?] A. B.; Frederick. Watson; Thomas.North Wall
259Gillmer; John Birch, Ellen.K
6978Gilson; Alice.North Wall
7130Glover; John, Ann.West Wall
3048-3049Godbolt [Codbolt?]; Alfred, Samuel, James, Rachael, James, James John, Rachel Agnes.J
3291Goddard; ?, Mary.I
2090Goddard; William?H
234Godolphin?; Alfred Henry.K
6990Godwin; George Hallett, Ernest Hallett Whomes?North Wall
2032-2033Golding; Samuel William, Mary Philadelphia.H
206Goldsmith; Catherine Yorke, Wilhelmina, Joseph.OPQ
3116-3122Goodall; Reginald James Peter. Clayton; Julia Sophia. Pratt; Reginald James Peter. Brennan; Elizabeth, Peter. Lea; Thomas Beecher. Nickson; John Horatio.J
2021Goodsell; ? Cole?, William ?, [Henry Wesly/Wesley?].H
3103Goodsell; John, Philadelphia Willard.I
6663-6669Goodwin; Helen Annie, Edward, Ellen, John. Hall; Ethel Stella Fanny. Bayliss; Susannah Victoria, Joseph.I
3111Goodwin; Langley.J
121-122, 268Goold; Stephen Styles, Louise Balfour, Margery, Henry, George Balfour.D
3068Gor?; Edward John.I
2124-2125Gordon; Robert Cruden, Sarah Birchall? Pine?, Emily, Conrad Edward, Anna Grace. Minter; Mary.G
2159Gordon?; William John?G
7197Gracie; Edgar, George, James.South Wall
133Graham; Colin.D
6959Graham; William, Catherine. Punston; John.North Wall
2171Graham; William, Rebecca.G
1143-1144Gray; ? Elizabeth?, Susannah. Gregson; Susannah.F
3226Gray?; Robert.I
3045-3046, 3086, 6732-6734Green; Henry Stredwick [Studwick?], Henry Stredwick, Mary.J
7024Green; Isabella, Isabella Maria, Ethel.West Wall
6992Green; John.North Wall
6711-6717Green; Martha Maud, Sarah, Jessie Augusta. Child; Sydney Herbert?I
2115Greenfield; Jane? Ann, James F. H.E
2022-2025Greenhill; Stephen, Harriet?, Sydney Amelia?, Thomas Henry, Sydney.H
6829-6830Greenwell; Thomas, Margaret Elizabeth.North Wall
7193Greenwood; Elizabeth, Anna Maria, Frederick.South Wall
370Greer; James William Swanson.F
7304Grey?; Cornelius John.South Wall
3040Grieve; William.J
2246Griffith; Emily Nunima.G
261-262, 375-376Grimes; Captain George, Mary, George Underwood, George Edward Underwood, Mary Elizabeth.D
1156Gripps [Cripps?]; Agnes Mary, [Charles Fisher], Maude Marion, Helen Masterton, Thomas.F
6993Gronce?; Henri Thiebald?I
329Grylls [Gryllis?]; Canon John Couch.B
038, 7336Guest; Margaret Stephens.South Wall
054, 1316Gull [Cull?]; Eltoft [Eltaft/Eltaps?].D
181Gullick; Matilda Hill, Matty.A
218Guy; Margaret.K
3181Guy; Thomas Sydney, Elizabeth Mary, Louisa. McRoberts; John Thomas.J
7277Hagen; Carl, Louise, Heinrich, John Charles.South Wall
5Hagley; Minnie Eliza, Frank William, Captain James, ? James, Elizabeth.OPQ
7352-7353Haigh; Emily Clarissa, Mary Jane, Harry Herbert, Bartin, Elizabeth Frances.South Wall
6621Haigh?; Rosy? ?, Elizabeth Ann Jane, Elizabeth.I
2003Hall; Jane, Walter. Fox; Maryann, John Thomas, Mary Ann.G
2276Hall; Mary, David, James.G
3253-3254Hall; William Henry, Annie Maria, Croft Fulstow, Thomas George, Charles Croft Fulstow. Maggs; Susannah, William.I
7427Hallett; George.South Wall
2294-2295Hamblin; Mary Elsie, Walter Robert. [Robert Thomas]F
304Hamman; Eliza Mary Ann, Emily, Charles (parents Henry and Mary Ann).C
91Hannah; James Arthur Bain, Isabell, James, Isabel. Trasey; George Frederick.C
2043-2044Hannan [Hannon]; Elizabeth, Reuben [Reubin].H
291Hare; Ellen, Mary Ann, John, Matilda.K
1231Harim?; ?D
7232Harmer; Charles George?, Rachel Ann?, ? Edgar?South Wall
6688-6691Harper; Sarah, Alexander. Foot; Emily, John Harper.I
6899Harrex?; Hannah Sarah, John Thomas, Megan ?. Polle; Eva Josephine, Arthur Henry.North Wall
6679Harrider?; James?I
6710Harris; William Henry, Harriett.I
134Harrison; Hezekiah.D
135Harrison; Honor Pitt, Layman.D
6984Harry; William.North Wall
76Hart; Ellen, Mary Ann, John, Matilda.K
055, 1312Hart; Sarah, James Booth.D
6954Hartshorn; Elizabeth Ann.North Wall
105, 1272Harvey [Harvery?]; William Ward (RN). Wilson; Alexander Dyce. Veysey; William. ?C
284, 7255-7258Harvey; Frances, William, Robert, Robert, George.South Wall
7102Haseldine [Hazeldene?]; Eliza.West Wall
7190Hassell? [Hassall?]; Frances.South Wall
3019Hatton; ?J
6996Hawdon; Emma.I
7032Hawkins; Emily Caroline, Lydia Maude.West Wall
3060Haydon?; Henry.I
6909Hayes; Jane, Jane Purcell, Elizabeth Jane. North Wall
1138, 1140-1141Hearle; ? Harriet, Francis Augustus, Madeline Elizabeth, Frances Evangeline, ?F
6913Heather; William.North Wall
100Heaven; Anna ?, George, ?C
7135Heil; George, Jacob William, Sarah Ann.West Wall
1235-1239Hemming; Thomas. Rucker; Anne?, Joshua Holt. Wilson; Sarah Emma.D
2141Henderson; Robert?. Joslin; Elizabeth, SarahG
224Henry; Richard. Rest?; Mary Anne.K
6798Herbert; William Seward, Emily Ann.North Wall
2167Herring; John, David, Jane.G
6897Hickey; Florence Emily.North Wall
6822Hickson; Charlotte Ann Amelia McKey.North Wall
7275Higgins; Matilda, Esther Matilda, Georgina, Florence Matilda.South Wall
3149Hill; Edward John.J
3030-3034Hill; Emma Louisa, Evelyn Henrietta Usher, John, Alfred A, Elizabeth Ellen.J
328Hill; Rev Richard, Phoebe Sapphira.B
2116Hill; Thomas, Elizabeth ?, Elizabeth?, Richard.E
6783Hill?; Sarah Margaret, William ?North Wall
1002Hillier?; John?F/G
7422Hindmarsh; Percival.South Wall
6819Hirwood; William, Mary Ann.North Wall
101-104HMS Challenger monument. Maguire; Rochfort (Commodore). Pickthorne; GR (MD). Edwards; HA (clerk). Smart; T. Duncan; E. Skyrme; J. Butler; E. Sindon; H. Maynard; HW. Frederick; C. Girling; D. Brigland; C. Coward; F. Sparshott; G. Brown; G.C
7263Hockings; Thomas.South Wall
6917Hoddett; Edward.North Wall
256Hodge?; John ?, Natalie. Elgar; Susannah.K
1041-1042Hodges?; Frederick Mark?G
7069Hodgeths; Thomas.West Wall
346Hodgson; Benjamin, Benjamin Thomas. Harrison; Benjamin Charles, Emily Mary, Martha Jane, Elizabeth Ann.B
286Hogan; Martha. Martin; Elizabeth.D
2119Holder; Elizabeth, Joseph. McKone; Walter M T, Esther, John James.E
6849-6851Holland; Caroline, James.North Wall
336Holle; Mary Australia, Herman Archibald, Arthur Ferdinand, John Alfred, Leopold Valentine.B
6861Hollingdale; Harriet, Robert S.North Wall
3285Hollingdale; Judy Magg, Edward Conway, Theodore?, David William.I
6859Hollingdale; Maria Maume.North Wall
1130-1131Hollinshed; Marian, Henry. [Mary Ann?]D
6857-6858Holloway; Thomas, Hannah, Elizabeth Hannah.North Wall
120, 123, 269Holt; John, William Bowman.C
1240-1242Holt; William Bowman, Joshua?, John.D
1271Home; Sir James Everard.D
6766Hood; Charles ?, Sarah ?, John Sydney.North Wall
7278Hooke; Annie.South Wall
6728Hooper; Catherine, Matthais, William, William Raby, Henry, Catherine.I
22Hooper; Frederick James, Frederick William.OPQ
6945Horn; William?North Wall
3037Horne?; Emma ?, Fanny Emma.J
2219Horner; John, John Cornelius.G
12Horsey [Horsley?]; Mary. Smith; William [Hamilton], Lavinia.OPQ
7155Horsley; Anne Isabel, Charles Henry.West Wall
3067Houghton; Margaret, Jane, John.I
212Hovenden; Thomas.K
6762How; Sarah.North Wall
1188-1190Howard; Emma, Susan, Maud, Jonathan, Jonathan.F
6999Howe; Elizabeth Charlotte.I
7038Hughes; Eliza, Jane, Eliza, Samuel, John.West Wall
1013, 2137Hughes; Esther Rosetta, John Terry, Ellen Edith Dagmar.F/G
1175Hughes; Frances.F
6633-6634Hughes; Grace. Keck; Henry.I
7223Hughes; Harriett, Ann Elizabeth, John William, Amelia Sarah.South Wall
3129Hughes?; Charles.J
3184-3186Hulle; Edward Sydney, Edward? Sydney, William Clark?J
3196Hulle?; William Henry.H
051, 1320Humfrey; ?, Harriett Ann, Thomas.D
7060Hunt; Ellen.West Wall
7014Hunt; Thomas.West Wall
1147Hirst; Wilfred Harvey.
7266Hutchings?; John.South Wall
300Huxham [Huxam?]; Frank.C
210Hyde?; Eliza, Anna Amelia.OPQ
285, 7237Hyland; Henry, Henry Thomas, Elizabeth Sarah, John William.South Wall
7432Inskip; Henry Isaac, Ellen.South Wall
2056-2062Ireland; Walpole, Matilda Esther, Esther, John Walpole. Higgins; Georgina. Evers; Betty, John James Ireland.H
2085-2086Ireland?; Florence ?, John?H
1283Jackson; Caroline, Samuel.D
7146Jackson; Henry Martin, Ann.West Wall
191Jackson; Susan Ann. George; Horne, Laurine Rosana Elizabeth.A
6746Jackson; William Frederick, Margaret.North Wall
3244-3247James; Ellen Jane, Emily, Thomas, William.I
2029-2030James; Frances, George (Army).H
2245James?; Elizabeth.G
6985James?; Robert.North Wall
289Jamison; Sir John (MD), Lady Mary. [Chepmell; Rev Charles William]K
3214Jardine [Jaridine?]; William Albert.H
6955Jeffery; Ellen Sophia.North Wall
3038Jenkin; Adela. Allan; Adela, Horace William.J
6612Jenkins; ?, ?...I
6862Jenkins; Honoria?, Arthur Charles Nicholas.North Wall
7136Jenner; Louisa Caroline.West Wall
7202Jennings; Charlotte, Charles.South Wall
1077Jerram; John Ridley.F
6624Jerry?; Harriet Sarah, Robert William Norton.I
037, 7339Jessop; Charles, Ann.South Wall
176Jobson; William, Isabella. Davison; James.B
3271Johnson [Johnston?]; Charles.I
87Johnson; Catherine Sophia, William Harold.C
2098-2099Johnson; Maria.F/G
6693Johnson; William Varty, Sarah.I
229Johnson?; Margaret Jane, ?K
6758Johnston; Thomas.North Wall
246-248Jones, Mary. White; Kate, Maria. Lupton; Mary, William. Elliott; Ann.K
8Jones; Charles John.OPQ
7264-7265Jones; George Theophilus, Sarah.South Wall
2020Jones; Henry Owen.H
307Jones; Janet, William D.C
2179Jones; John, Sarah.G
6616, 6619Jones; Joseph.I
3172-3174Jones; Mary, Violet Wallace, John Booth, Elizabeth. Todd; William. Booth; Mary.J
1027Jones; Matthew ?G
1022Jones; Robert, Wilhelmina Townsend.F/G
2272Jones; Robert. Black; Ida.G
2008Jones?; ?H
7935-7936Jones?; Thomas.Cottage grounds
2042Joy; William.H
6745Justice?; John.North Wall
6930Keillor [Kellar?] R.N.; David E. [B., or Richard R].North Wall
045, 1294Kelf; Eleanor.OPQ
2203Kelk; Francis Holland.G
303Kellick; John, Ann Matilda, Thomas Australia.C
280Kelly; Captain George [John].D
2162Kemp; Charles Vernon.G
2083-2084Kemp; Charles, Stella.H
2161Kemp; Lucy Harriet.G
3044Kennedy; John, Mary.J
7084Kidd; Sarah. Newman; Sarah, William.West Wall
7047King; Mary [Maria?], Charles.West Wall
7124King; William Henry, Elizabeth French.West Wall
7269-7270King?; Alfred Nicholas, John. Drewell; Ann Elizabeth, Robert.South Wall
7282Kingsbury?; Robert?, ? Alice?, ? William, ? Celia?, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, John.South Wall
3110Kippy; James.J
7128-7129Knapp; Margaret, William Alfred.West Wall
2217Knight; Rebecca, Martha Pearl, Thomas Foster.G
7133Knight; William.West Wall
2142Knox; Anne Elizabeth, Frederick Henry. Martin; Elizabeth.G
1084Knox; John Henry.F
1030Korff; Conrad, James Conrad.G
1025Korff; Mary, Mary, John.G
1026Korff?; ?, Edith Ann, Frederick John William.G
340Lake; Charlotte, Fanny, James William.B
1181Lake; Simon.F
3264Lake?; Elizabeth.I
158Lalor; William Henry.OPQ
3229Lamb; Jane.I
6775Lambert; Robert.North Wall
6Lander?; Ann Lisette, Isabella.OPQ
250Lane; Matthew.K
3153, 3166, 3168Lane; Stoneman?, Hilmin?, E?, R?, Charles?. Milne; Robert Edward, Alexander Robert.J
29Lane; William Thomas, Alfred Isaac, Sarah.OPQ
3167-3168Lane?; Edward, Jane.J
7019Langan; Catherine Eliza.West Wall
238Langford; Thomas.K
2229Langley; Henry John Rich?, Mary Ann Florence, Charles Edmund.G
319Lansing [Lamsing?]; Henry C.B
3266Late?; Angel-loue.I
344Lavers; Emma Lucy, Emily Grace, Eliza Mary.B
3039Lawless; Ellen.J
6919Lawrence; Agnes.North Wall
249Lawrence; Thomas Greenwood.K
1196-1199Lawry [Lowry?]; Thomas, ? Trewyn?. Plunkett; Esther Mary Trewyn. Taylor; James, Esther M H. D
6623Laws; William Reuben Richard.I
3209Layton; John.H
7018Lea; Edward.West Wall
317, 320Lea; Elizabeth, Maria, Harry, William, Ann, Robert James.B
6976Leedom; James.North Wall
7316Leer; Emma Louisa.South Wall
3004Lendon; James, Sarah Rebecca.J
3003Lendon; Jane?, Mary Sophia.J
7023Lends?; Charles. Feeney?; William Charles?West Wall
7131Lewis; ?, William Joseph.West Wall
7217Lewis; David. Bragg; Richard.South Wall
3064-3066Lewis; Frederick George, ?, Lucilla Amy, Elizabeth.I
14Lewis; William.OPQ
2224-2225Leys [Ley?]; John [propellor monument erected by Morts Dock workers].G
6950Limley; William Henry.North Wall
7048Lincoln; Ann, William.West Wall
6751Lincoln?; James John.North Wall
038, 7335Linsley; John Richard. Jones; Amelia Jane.South Wall
1132-1135Little; Archibald, John Archibald, ?. Marks; Ann Elizabeth.F
1176-1179Little; Arthur, Mary, Frederick John, Sarah, Eleanor.F
1215-1216Lloyd; Marcus, Emyla?D
194Lobb; William John, James.A
3250Lock; William, Jane, George.I
7196Lockett; John, Amelia.South Wall
6644-6647Lockwood; William, David, Thomas John, George, Emma.I
361-362Lockyer; Major Edmund.F
233Loder; Henry.K
2303Long; Ellen. Parker; Mary Ann.F
3014Long; John, John Joseph. Black; Anne Augusta.J
1200Long; John.D
2304Long; Samuel, Sarah.F
142Longfield; John, Henrietta E D, William Frederick.OPQ
164Longford; John.B
6764-6765Lovelock; John Alfred, Jane.North Wall
3010Lowther; Mary, Mary Jane Bissland, Daniel.J
7152Lucas; Mary Augusta, Sarah Elizabeth.West Wall
7160Luckett; Hannah Jane, Charles, John William, Mary Ann, William.South Wall
2273Luke; Mary Briscoe, William.G
3210Lyddon; Eleanor.H
6800M. E. W?North Wall
2197Maberg?; William John, Richard Martin, Lily Mia Australia.G
2018-2019Mace; Henry, Caroline, Nadine Cruttenden, Thomas Cruttenden, Eliza Ann.H
6892-6893MacIntosh; Alexander, Alexander McNeill. McNeill; Alexander.North Wall
3234Mackenzie; Clara, Edgar, George Bowman.I
3235Mackenzie; Jessie.I
1050Macleay; Alexander, William Sharp. Harrington; Frances Lenora. Gordon; Lord Bertram.F
7036Maddox; Robert, Jemima Auge? Rose.West Wall
363, 368Maitland; Esther Charlotte (daughter). Bradley; William (father).F
7067Makin?; John?West Wall
7072Malabar?; Nerahan?West Wall
6983Malock?; Walter ?North Wall
2190Malone; Ellen Mary Anne, Henry.G
2221Malpass; Elizabeth, William.G
2286-2287Manley; Robert James, Mary Ann, Thomas Bartholomew, Elizabeth, Robert, Clara Beatrice.G
2158Manley?; Frederick.G
1069Mann?; Anthony? ?, Alice? Maud?F
7045Manson; Osciliea Mary, James, Sarah Ann.West Wall
3171Marsden; Margaret, Hannah Elizabeth, Alfred Ernest Albert, George Samuel.J
7182Marsden; Sarah.South Wall
3008Marsh; Jane.J
285, 7233-7236Martin; ?, Robert, Madeline. Mortimer; Charles George. Preston; Selina. North; Edwin Frederick. Strickland; Mary Ann.South Wall
7004Martin; John.West Wall
7321Martin; William.South Wall
1208-1211Martyn [Martyr?]; Lora Grace, Lucy Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Lucy Ann, John, Charles. Collins; Eliza.D
2235Mason; ?, Joseph William, Estell Louisa, Mary Laura.G
6769Matchet[t]; Elizabeth [E].North Wall
7044Mathers?; William Charles, John Cooper.West Wall
6676-6678Mathews; John Alexander, Mary Stephens.I
3015-3016Matterson; Thomas Neales, Elizabeth.J
1083Matthews; John, Henry John.F
3056-3059Matthews; William Aaron, Aaron, George Thomas, Robert Moses, Eliza.I
7052Maxwell; Robert, Robert, James.West Wall
6951Maxwell; William ?North Wall
3267May; Mary, Robert, Richard Robert.I
3079-3083May; Thomas, Louisa, Joseph James, Eliza Jane, William James, Hannah, Mary Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah Ann.I
42Mayo; Elizabeth Georgiana, Alfred.OPQ
327McCarth; Ellen.B
3203-3205McCarthy; Florence, Emmeline Innes, Marianne? Tobin Bedford. Miller; Elizabeth Constantia.H
209McCourt; Samuel.OPQ
6767McCoy; John, Rose.North Wall
6743McCoy; Mary, Daniel.North Wall
2251McDonald; Charles Edward, Frederick Campbell, Edith, Mary Scott, George Alexander, Alexander.G
1068McDonald; John Fletcher, George Fletcher.F
2152McGill?; Rowan? ?G
216McIntosh?; Ada?, Ada Louisa, Mary.K
7253-7254McKenny; Harriot, Robert, Edward, Henry William.South Wall
141McKern; William, Mary. Jameson; Emily.OPQ
6906McKiel?; Sarah? Crane?, Henry ?, Elizabeth.North Wall
6622McKilly?; Cecelia Elizabeth.I
3154, 3157-3158McKinley; Henry.J
353McLareon?; Amelia.B
6654-6655McLerie; John.I
7168McMahon; Ann.South Wall
207McNessell?; Rebecca Julianna.OPQ
205McPhail; Robert.A
349McVey; Andrew, Mary Ann.B
128-129Mearin; John.D
3183Meroder?; James William, Arthur Sydney.J
6912Messiter; Frederic.North Wall
6900Metcalfe?; Robert? Henry?North Wall
2087-2089Michael; John, Mary Estella, Henry Alfred.H
306Michie; John Holden.C
6970Miers; Jessie.North Wall
332Miethe; John Gustav, Johann Gottlieb.B
1091Miles [Mills?]; William Augustus.E
118Milford/Feez; Sophia.C
117, 267, 1264-1266Milford; Samson Frederick, Herman George, Eliza Hope, Elizabeth Mells, ?, ?D
3104Milgate; Thomas Hezekiah, Maria, Thomas.J
298Miller; George, Martha.C
7159Millett; Ernest John, Caroline Cutler.South Wall
3090-3091Mills; William Dawson, Elleanor Fletcher Pewtess.J
358Wiles?; John?, Enoch?, Isabella?B
3092-3094Mitchell; Colonel Sir Thomas Livingstone, Blanche Nicholson. Mann; Camilla Victoria, Bentley Camille Mitchell.I
7209Mitchell; Mary, John.South Wall
2037Mobbs; Henry, John Thomas.H
21Moffat; Elizabeth. Watkins; Mary Susannah, William, William Fowler, Bessie.P
1136Moffett [Moffitt?]; William, Mary Anne. [Joseph?]F
7002Moloney?; Emily Jane, Clara Augusta, Louisa Francis.West Wall
6787-6788Moncrieff; Douglas Gosset Waldegrave.North Wall
7183Montgomery; Julian, John, Elizabeth.South Wall
6965Montgomery; Richard Thomas, Mary Ann, James.North Wall
6770Moodey?; ?, Mary.North Wall
2301Moore; Ada Rebecca, Fred Warby, Florence Harriet, Benjamin John.F
2291Moore; Ann, Captain Joseph.G
2094-2095, 2099Moore; Elizabeth Scholes, Henry.F/G
2097, 2099Moore; Ernest Walsh, Emily Mary.F/G
2096, 2099Moore; Hubert De Salis, Everard Henry.F/G
6987Moore; James, Ann.North Wall
1169-1172Moore; Jeannette Lavinia, Isaac, Florence Evelyn, Isaac, Elizabeth.F
2293Moore; Joseph.G
1078Moore; Thomas Ross, Harriot, Jane, Mary Anne, Robert White, Margaret.F
1059-1060Moore; Thomas, Mary Jane, Christiana Harriet Margaret, Tom Robert Kelsey.F
2292Moore; Verner [Vernon] Wise, John Verner Lloyd, Leila Mary Ann.G
6718-6722Moore; William Henry, Mary, Edith Corkhill, Oswald Blake Corkhill, Richard Blake Corkhill, Harriette Louisa.I
1222Moore; William John. Todman; Eva.D
1173Moore; William.F
1004Moore?; ?F/G
7068Moorhead?; Henry.West Wall
7034Morcom?; Joseph Woodley.West Wall
6991Morgan; Eliza Emily.North Wall
2173Morgan; Henry, Ann, Henry.G
1014Morgan; William.F/G
213-214Morris; Alfred, Jane Ann, Alice Sarah, John, Sarah, Albert Joseph.K
2294, 2296Morrow; Catherine Maria, Robert, Maria.F
6902Morrow; Elizabeth, Anne Frances Armitage, Richard Dier?North Wall
3220-3221Morrow; Magdalene, Henry. Keys; Hugh.H
7226Morrow?; Margaret.South Wall
3007Mortimer; William S. Cadman; Elizabeth Drew. Wilson; Spencer Hart.J
6891Morwick; Elizabeth?, Hugh Robert, Clara Elizabeth, Robert Hugh.North Wall
7231Mottram; Eliza Jane.South Wall
7213Muggeridge; George.South Wall
6778Mulcahy; Catherine. Norton; Mary Ellen.North Wall
2121Munro; Charles, ?E
2120Munro; Daniel Nesbitt?E
3069-3070Murnin; Elizabeth Spain, George T, Michael Egan.I
79Murphy; John, James, Mary.C
3187Murrell; Margaret Pringle?.J
171Myers; Ann.B
6620Naismith; Kate. Stoneman; Annie Blanche. Warrer; Sgt. Fred.I
1024Nalder; Elizabeth, Thomas.F/G
6780Narmer; William, Eliza.North Wall
282Nash; Susannah, [William?].D
365-366, 1154-1155Nathan; Charles, Harriett, Robert Allwood, Edith Vigne?, Charles Walpole, Hubert Foulis, Mabel Annie Augusta.F
364, 1153Nathan; Isaac, HenriettaF
6631Neatby; Captain Edward S.I
1046, 2138Newby; Stephen, EmilyG
2258Newdon?; Henry.G
7932-7933Newell; Robert W.Cottage grounds
2163Newham?; Mary Ann?G
3148Newland; Michael, Ann Jane, Edward, William, Frances.J
6885Newman; Thomas ?, ?, William ?, Henry.North Wall
1129Newton; Thomas, William.D
7053Nicholls; William, James, Mary Kenny, Mary Jane.West Wall
311Nicholson; Mary Board, Emma Amanda, William. Condell; Mary Ann. Olive; Jane.B
6924Nobbs; Martha Jane, Jane.North Wall
7184Noble; Joseph Storey.South Wall
2028Norman; George. Langley; Allen (Army).H
7081-7082Norman; William, Jane, Mary Ann.West Wall
6615, 6619Norris; Ann.I
7310Norris; Isaac, Teresa.South Wall
3200Norris; Robert Radcliffe (M.D.), Eliza, Richard Bethell.H
6994-6995North?; William Edward.I
89Northwood; James.C
7092Oatley; Albert, Ellen, James. Dent; Fanny Louisa.West Wall
287-288Oatley; Mary, Elizabeth Frances, Herbert Henry, James Thomas, Alfred Weedon. Weedon; Thomas Elijah, Mary Elizabeth.F
277-279, 1243O'Brien; Bartholomew (MD), Elizabeth, Walter Broughton, ?D
1224-1226O'Connell; Richard Stuart, Annie, Maurice, Richard Murray.D
6908Oehlrich; Johanna, Peter.North Wall
124, 1234Ogilvie; William, Mary.D
95Oliff; John.C
3108Omer?; Joseph?J
7043Ormsby; Alicia, Charles, Alicia Irwin, Arthur Irwin. Taylor; Hannah Irwin.West Wall
6961Osborn; Eliza, Richard, Sophia, Fanny.North Wall
3263Ottery; Ashton Doyce.I
7169Owen; Elizabeth.South Wall
6872Owen; Mary Ann, John. Vivian; Ann.North Wall
7016Page; Alice Mary, Arthur Thomas, Walter Martin.West Wall
6981Paisley; Emma.North Wall
239Palmer; Sampson, John, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth Leddra.K
1090Palmer; William Pemberton, Roseeratte? Durham.E
1086Palmer; William, Harriot.F
7150Palmer?; ?, William?West Wall
7279Parkes; Catherine. Clarke; Elizabeth Jane.South Wall
331Parrish; Catherine.B
075, 290Pasfield; Jane, Alfred.K
7435Pate; Caroline Elizabeth.South Wall
10Patterson; Charles Frederick.OPQ
98-99Patterson; George, Caroline Esther, Jane, Selina Lane, George I.C
6815Pattison; Margaret Jane.North Wall
337Patullo; Emma, George.B
331Pearson; Henrietta Australia.B
330Pearson; Sarah, Thomas Frederick, Joseph.B
332Pearson; Sarah, William.B
2233Peat; John James.G
7094Peck; George. [Thomas?]West Wall
7127Peckham; William Alexander.West Wall
284, 7259Peek; Mary Elizabeth Wemyss, Hannah Sophia.South Wall
3259-3260Peers?; Sarah.I
075, 290Peirce; Elizabeth, TLR.K
1003Pell; Emily.F/G
3180Penny; Charles Marcian, Charles William.J
7333Penson; Samuel James, John Andrew, Walter Charles Benjamin Cape, Elizabeth.South Wall
7941Percival; Julia Grace, Wallace.Cottage grounds
1049Perrin; William Riccardo?F
036, 7341Perry; Mary Ann, Isabella, Mary Ireland, Edmund.South Wall
7211Petersen; Isabella, Frederick John. Bernar; Mary.South Wall
7293Pettit; William.South Wall
7020Philips; Sophia.West Wall
2249Phillips; Clarey.G
1218Phillips; James, Ann.D
6627-6629Phillips; Jane. Cowan; Eliza?, Howard?, Richard?I
6802Philps; Robert Wasley.North Wall
2255Philpwolle?; ?G
6739Pike; Christopher George. Eisenmenger; Christian.North Wall
3276Pitt; Charles, Mary Ann.I
6773Playford; Henry.North Wall
6782Playford; Sarah.North Wall
6982Plum?; James.North Wall
154Plummer; Charles Joseph, Annie Florence.OPQ
6934Plummer; Mary Ann.North Wall
6939Pope?; Elizabeth Jane.North Wall
2275Porter; ?, Martha.G
189Prescott; Sydney John, James, Joseph Eric Enid. Edwards; Captain AT.A
7087Prescott?; ? William.West Wall
188Prescott?; Mary Ann.A
6898Price; Sarah.North Wall
2164Priddle; Robert Wardell.G
199Priestly, Louisa.A
201Priestly; Ada Louisa Margaret, Margaret, Alfred Ernest Albert.A
3051Prince; Amelia Georgina, Rosa Australia.I
3054Prince; Mary Newcombe, Henry.I
6814Prince?; Elizabeth, William.North Wall
6963Prior; Henry.North Wall
7283Pritchett; John, Robert.South Wall
7337Prosser; Edward.South Wall
2282Puckaredge [Puckeridge]; Ann, Joseph, Edward Charles, Richard. Sawyer; Henry, Ann, [Joseph Henry, Rosalie - no headstone]G
245Putland; John.K
7025Pyne; James. Earnshaw; Ono.West Wall
3199Pyne?; Pauline Marian, Caroline Marian, Robertson A. L.?H
7301Quinsay; Abraham, Sarah Anne.South Wall
6870Rae; Elizabeth Dixon, John Dixon.North Wall
81Raine; Thomas, Fanny Eleanor. Landsborough, Caroline.C
6820-6821Randall; Mary, Edward.North Wall
6903Randle; James William, ? Frederick John, Emma Marion.North Wall
7076Ranger; James, Joseph Miller. Clarke; Harriet.West Wall
7215Rawson?; Terrence Francis, Catherine.South Wall
6868-6869Read; Mary Ann, J. H.North Wall
2174-2177Ready; Andrew Cowel, Jane Ann, Fred John, John.G
3088Rech; Christian, Johanna, Jacob, Jacob.I
6942Reece; David.North Wall
7191Reeder; John.South Wall
047, 1293Reeves [Deeves?]; Anne.OPQ
131Rhodes; Thomas.D
7161Richards; Elizabeth, Charles Edmond, Richard.South Wall
6956Richards; Lucy Ann.North Wall
7188Richards; Martha, Henry, Sarah.South Wall
3096Richardson; John James Mason?I
313Richardson; John.B
7238Richmond; Martha, Elizabeth Martha.South Wall
7151Rickets; Martha, Martha L.West Wall
3236Rigby; ? Thomas.I
6760Riley; John.North Wall
96Ring; Anne, Marion Jessy, Joseph William, Wallis A, William W.C
7001Risbey; George, James, Sarah.West Wall
112, 1267Robberds; ? Henry, Sarah.D
040, 1297Roberts; Alicia Elizabeth.OPQ
114-115, 1256-1261Roberts; Charles, Esther. Newall; Eliza Dale, Lawrence James.D
6926Roberts; G H, Harriet.North Wall
113Robberds; Emma Amelia.D
6998, 7000Robertson; Flora Adelaide.I
7061Robertson; Harriot, Henry, Henry.West Wall
6737, 6997, 7000Robertson; James (M.D.).I
1017Robertson; Mary Jane.F/G
175Robinson; Ann.B
109Robinson; Jane Mary Ann, Captain Ralph.C
7239-7240Robinson; Stephen, Stephen, Robert.South Wall
6828Robinson; William.North Wall
177Robinson?; ? Herbert, Charles Herbert.B
6727Robinson?; Emily Alice.I
032, 1301Roddam; William Henry, Isaac.OPQ
2204-2207Roden; Benjamin, Matilda, Eliza Jane, Celestine, John.G
200Rodgers; William.A
6838Rofe; Catherine, Rose.North Wall
1100Rofe; John, Charlotte, James.E
90Rogers; Edward.C
97, 99Rogers; Eliza.C
7326Roleck?; Martha.South Wall
7332Rolfe; Catherine. Ward; George Robert, John.South Wall
7078Rolfe; Henry.West Wall
7940Rolfe; Thomas, Harriet?Cottage grounds
182Ronald; Charles William. Walsh; Agnes, George Craig, Nicholas.A
185, 1288Rook; Albert Edward, Miriam.A
1118Rose; Joshua, Ann. Hacket; Mary Ann.D
6794Rose; William.North Wall
2263Roslen; Frederick John, Mary Matilda, McLaren?G
6761Ross; Ann, Thomas.North Wall
125-126, 1233Rothery; Frederick John.D
92Rowland; Amelia.C
3169-3170Rowley; George Robert, Jessie Christina, George, Elizabeth Lavinia, Amy Sarah.J
6842Royal; Elizabeth Sarah, Elizabeth Mary.North Wall
2227-2228Rucker; Selina Dorinda, Alicia Ann.G
1119Rudd; Thomas Edward.D
6839Ruddom?; Sarah Eve?, Elizabeth Ann, ? Ada.North Wall
7074-7075Rush; Mary Harriet, Rachel Elizabeth, Alfred Ernest, Arthur Henry, Waltham Charles.West Wall
2216, 6921-6923Russell; Dorothy Lean, Robert, Isabella Cecilia, [George].G; and near cottage
196Russell; Jane, Joseph.A
2294, 2297Russell; Mary Jane. Ward; Magdalene.F
2299Rutherford; Emmaline. Wells; William Henry.F
3257Sadler?; Samuel.I
6792Sampson; Stephen.North Wall
7057Samuels; Henry, Hannah.West Wall
7307Sandey; James.South Wall
236, 6953Sandy; Florence, Ann Moulder, Elizabeth Ann Josephine, James.North Wall
3275Sangster; Charles Perry.I
2155-2156Sattler?; Robert Thomas, Emma? Therese?, ?, ?G
7093Saunders; William, Ann.West Wall
072, 6880Saunderson; James. [Moore; Emmanuel]North Wall
7157-7158Scard; Jasper James, Mary Ann, Mary Ann, Thomas George.South Wall
7208Schmidt; Ralph? [Elh]South Wall
348Scotland; Robert.B
82Charass; Prescott?C
2026Sea; James.H
6946Seale; Sarah Anne Emme.North Wall
6779Seale; Susan.North Wall
230-231Sedgwick; Allan Layton, Charlotte Jane?, Alfred, William Gillett?K
7349Seldon; Richard, Elizabeth.South Wall
7302Sellman; Charles, Caroline, Thomas John.South Wall
1212-1213Selway; Ellen.D
7323Settree; Martha.South Wall
2262Shaddick; Abigail.G
2169-2170Shalland; Frances Caroline.G
7325Shaw; Benjamin, Elizabeth.South Wall
6836Shepherd; James.North Wall
6816Shepherd; Prudence.North Wall
6747Sherman?; Australia?, Owen.North Wall
7356Shipway; John, Edward Robert John, Elizabeth.South Wall
6874Siegle?; Ellen Maria. Neville?; Albert.North Wall
3190-3191Simpson; Adelaide Jane, John Scott, ?H
7066Simpson; Clara.West Wall
7035Simpson; Francis Suttor, George Morant, Ruth.West Wall
7138Skidmore; Selina.West Wall
6825Slade; James, J. A. P.North Wall
6938Slater; John Robert.North Wall
2114Slater; William.E
6944Slee?; Annabella.North Wall
2302Sloan; Bridget, James, Samuel Long, William John, Catherine Dorothy, Victoria Ross.F
7180Sloman; Elizabeth Froude, Louise? Elizabeth.South Wall
3272Smart; Thomas [Ware?]. [Duncan; Charles?]I
6971Smeal; Joseph.North Wall
347Smith; Florence Madeline, Mary Lilly, William Tipple, Emily Louisa. Dixon; John Sibly Moreton, Robert, Margaret.B
190, 1289-1290Smith; Frederick Stafford, Thomas Hubert. Jackson; Thomas George, Sarah Ann.A
7033Smith; George, Elizabeth Walker.West Wall
6638-6640Smith; George, Thomas Walduck, Mary Ann, Walter Sidney.I
2118Smith; John, Thomas.E
252-253Smith; Joseph.K
7108Smith; Martha Mary, Frederick George, William, Mary Ann.West Wall
43Smith; Martha, Francis.OPQ
7228Smith; Mary?South Wall
111, 1269Smith; Sarah Ann, Joseph.D
1139Smith; Shaun?F
20Smith; William Alfred, Louisa, Amelia, Ada, Rose, Florence, Adolphus…OPQ
6941Snelson; Thomas. Hopkins; Louisa.North Wall
6725Sorrell; Alfred Walter.I
2199South; John, Richard, James Edwin, Jane E. A. S.G
7242-7243Sparrow; James Garrett. Love?; William.South Wall
3107Spilsted; Spencer, Spencer Adolphus. Evans [Evan?]; John Henry.J
7251Spooner; Mary Ann.South Wall
1206St Jean [Sandeman/Sanderman]; Ernestine.D
112, 1267-1268Stafford; Charles, Mary Grace.D
6749Staines; Samuel, Eliza.North Wall
7113Stanbury; Benjamin, Eliza Agnes? Walpole?West Wall
2242-2243Stanostor?; William.?; Janet Wilson.G
354Staples; Hannah.B
3261Stax?; Elisabeth. Mey?; William John Conrad.I
1075Steane; John.F
3292-3294Stedman; Edward, Jane, Charles, Thomas Phillip, Catherine, Henry.I
6614Steel; Margaret, Thomas.I
7308-7309Steel; Robert, Rosina Sarah, Susan.South Wall
034, 7347Steele; George M.South Wall
2237-2238Stephens; James.G
3100-3102Stephenson; Joseph Ince, Elizabeth R. K, Mark.I
7423Stevens; Sarah Ann, Jessie, Janet.South Wall
2241Stevens; Thomas, [Catherine].G
1008-1012, 2135-2136Stewart; Caroline Mary, Alice Miriam, Alfred Charles, Ada Frederica, Elizabeth, Frederick. Bull, Joseph.G
2130Stewart; Lydia.G
1108Stewart; Thomas.D
2117Stiles; Jane Mary. Emmes; Eliza Jane.E
157Stokes; Anne, Joseph, Sarah, Amelia.OPQ
3098Stokes; Lucy Ann.I
6757Stone; William.North Wall
332Stones; Frances.B
7350-7351Stonestreet; Joseph.South Wall
3133-3136Stratford; Frederick Augustus, Jane Harriet, Wilhelmina Elizabeth, Ellen A. L., Emily Lyne.I
6695Street?; Rachel Isabella, Emily Cowper, Edith Kate Riding.I
7199Strickland; Edward Herbert, William.South Wall
3042Stubbs; Richard, Ann.J
6884Sturmy; John.North Wall
1262-1263Sudges?; ?, Emma Amelia.D
7167Summerbell; Andrew, ?South Wall
7166Summerbell; Annie Rebecca, Elizabeth Catherine, Amy Eliza.South Wall
6823Sutcliffe; Thomas.North Wall
2109Sutherland; Ann, James Andrew.E
1109Sutton; Lucy.D
2281Swadling; John, Martha E, Mary Ann.G
1094Swan; James, James.E
6687Swan; Mary Jane, Robert.I
1095Swan; William, Elizabeth.E
7055Swold?; Benjamin, Marion.West Wall
7276Swyny; Robert, Ann, Robert.South Wall
3280Taber; Thomas, Frances Sarah, Thomas.I
7338Tadswell [Dadswell?]; Lilly? Mary, Arthur Woodcock, William Rolf?South Wall
6896Taken?; Craig?. Bradshaw; William.North Wall
3106Taylor; Alfred Robert. Foster; Grace, James.J
3123-3128Taylor; Louise, John?, Eliza?, James Jopp. Chisholm; Mary, James. Edge; John William.J
369, 7156Taylor; Robert.South Wall
7125Taylor; William Henry.West Wall
7090Teakle; Charles Snr, Charles, Rosina.West Wall
3087, 6735-6736Templeton; James, Jane.I
1021Ternen [Ternan]?; William, [Margaret?]F/G
1020Ternen?; Robert?F/G
3023Terrey; Jane, Amelia, William.J
7149Tessimand; Ann Elizabeth, William James.West Wall
2016-2017Thacker; Eliza Helen.H
6852-6853Thomas; Esther, Selina.North Wall
2231Thomas; John, Sarah.G
6685Thomas; William.I
7097Thomas?; James Scott.West Wall
1055Thomas?; Robert ?F
7148Thomas?; Sarah.West Wall
16Thompson (formerly Davison); Eliza Maria.OPQ
6948Thompson; ? William.North Wall
2181-2182Thompson; Catherine, Kate? May?G
1121-1126Thompson; Edgar Archibald, George Henry, Rodney Archibald, John Edward, Minnie, Archibald, Ann Jane. Lindley; Stafford. Vyner; Amy Gertrude.D
7230Thompson; Emily Frances, Mary Ann.South Wall
7003Thompson; Flora, Josephine, Charles, John Robert.West Wall
48Thompson; Jane.OPQ
3252Thompson; John.I
3160-3161Thompson; Maria Elizabeth, Edith, Alice.J
3161Thompson; Maria Elizabeth, Edith, Alice.J
17-18Thompson; Mary Ann, Annie.OPQ
1296Thompson; Samuel.OPQ
2200Thompson; William, Eliza Massy, [John].G
7144Thompson; William, Mary.West Wall
3053Thompson?; ?I
2055Thomson; Mary Bath, Louisa.H
225Thomson?; Anne.K
1174Thorne; Alfred, William, William James Hobart, Elizabeth.F
125, 1232Thornton; George.D
7425Thorp; Charles, Charles, Ann.South Wall
3286Thorpe?; Thomas (Jnr), Thomas, James.I
3228Tillotson; Timothy Edgar.I
174Timmins; Ellen Amelia, [John Clarence, James, Sarah, Thomas].B
6840Todd; William.North Wall
3131Todd?; Walter Rowland?J
270-271Toogood; Alfred, Ann, Samuel Henry, Josephine, Sarah Rachel, Sarah Ellen.D
3024-3028Toogood; William, Alfred Haworth, Frances King (Kemp), Ellen, Emmanual Feegradou?, William Webber, Samuel Webber, Sophia, Samuel Joseph. [?Kemp; Charles C?]J
1044Tooth; Francis Lucas, Sarah.G
1043Tooth; Mary Elizabeth, Adelaide Marcia, Edward Lisle.G
2100-2101Town?; Blanche.E
186-187, 2831-5Trasey; Arthur, Ada, Jane. Creer; Captain Henry.A
3115Trickett; Henry. Douglass; William.J
3113-3114Trickett; Mary Ann. Douglass; Sarah, Mary A. E.J
6928Trollope; Richard Brunton.North Wall
7080Trood; Thomas, Anne.West Wall
7015Tunbridge; George, Emma Thirza.West Wall
7042Turbit; Harriet ?West Wall
2004Turner; Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Alfred Robert.G
7085-7086Turner; Mary, Alfred.West Wall
7115Turner?; Jane Isabella, Edward.West Wall
6799Turns?; Edward ?, Blanche Alice, Grace Isabel.North Wall
119, 1273-1274Turton; Samuel Hopkinson.C
6759Tye; Ellasar, William.North Wall
1061-1064Underwood; Sarah Jane. Templeton; W R. Cullen; Thomas, Mary Ann.F
2265Usher?; Emma.G
232Ussher [Usher?]; Samuel James?, Rev Henry (MATCD)K
1165-1168Vallack [Vallick?]; Lucy, John Elias, Adelaide Eliza, Emily Albertine, William Henry, William, Eliza. Comvn; Caroline Sophia. Corkhill; Lucy Bertha.F
1079Van Hosley?; Catherine.F
7071Vanderfly?; Robert, Jessie, Lydia ?West Wall
1277Vandervord [Vandervoid?]; James Wilson, Susannah, James Thomas Alfred, Emily.D
2112Vansittant Stonhouse; Charlotte.E
6632Vaughan; Henry, Rachel Wyatt, Charlotte Alice, Charlotte.I
7289Vaughan; William.South Wall
3140Vaux; John.J
6785Vines?; Elizabeth, Robert?North Wall
6742Vinson; Samuel Henry, George, Mary. Rothery; Mary.North Wall
6740Vinson?; Robert David?North Wall
6692W?; EM, JW.I
6918Wager; Susannah Wort.North Wall
6801Walden; Thomas, ?.North Wall
7322Walford; Abraham, George.South Wall
77Walker; George (MD), Ruth, ?K
6670Walker; Thomas.I
3201-3202Walkley; Peter, Alfred, George.H
1214, 1249-1252Waller; Hannah Maria, Kilner, Mary Dowling, Edward Kilner, Kate Elizabeth, Maria Theresa, Arthur Henry, John Leonard.D
7064Wallis; Joseph Edward, Rachel Ann, Edwin, Mary Ann, Nathaniel.West Wall
6878Walond; Robert.North Wall
7212Walsh; Lewis, Ann, Ann.South Wall
182-183Walsh; Mary Ann, Caroline Alice, Thomas.A
377-381, 1182-1183Walton; John McIntyre, John. [Elizabeth Isabella.]F
7142Warbridge?; William.West Wall
203Ware; Jonathan, Ellen Elizabeth, Ellen; Gray, Frank Septemus.A
7306Warren; Maria Louisa, Maria Louisa.South Wall
6726Warren?; Walter Thomas, Caroline, Ellen.I
6772Waterman; Marian Alice. Joyner; Sarah Alice.North Wall
7300Watson; Anne, Margaret.South Wall
367, 1149-1152Watson; Captain Thomas, Hannah. Orr; Mary.F
144Watson; Richard John, Richard John, Mary Elizabeth, William Evan.OPQ
6837Watts; Robert, Isabella.North Wall
1Webb; Florence Maud, Sarah Edith.OPQ
7330Webb; Mary Ann Jennings.South Wall
7117Webb; Mary.West Wall
6974Weber; Frederick William, Arthur John.North Wall
6933Webster; Harriet.North Wall
6834Wells; Daniel.North Wall
1163Wells; Rachel Cole.F
1162Wells; William Henry.F
2230Welsh; Maria, Henry.G
7348West; Mary, Jane.South Wall
251Westman; Mary Jane, Alexander.K
169Wheatley; Sarah Ann, Mary.B
184Wheatley; William.A
7292Wheeler; George, Sophia.South Wall
1307-1308White; ? AnnaD
7355White; Gertrude Ann, Margaret.South Wall
6750White; Richard.North Wall
7245White; William.South Wall
7331White?; Elizabeth.South Wall
6803Whitehorn; Thomas Smith.North Wall
7295-7297Whitehouse; Sarah, ?, ?. Stewart?; Mary Ann?South Wall
3206-3208Whiting; Emily Jullien, Richard, Susannah.H
050, 1321Whiting; Thomas, Noele/Noble Tom Dodd, Mabel Louisa. Page/Dage; Sarah Jane.OPQ
3273Whitlock; Rosanna, Louisa.I
7206Wigan; Philip Henry.South Wall
2195-2196Wilcox; Catherine, Zachariah Thomas.G
1052Wild?; William Vandermuelen. Valentine; ?, Lyndon Lawrie.F
7162Wiles; Isabella, Mary James.South Wall
6876Wiles; William W.North Wall
1137Wilkes; William Charles Burnett.F
6795Wilkinson; Ann, Matthew Holden Henry, Mary Ann.North Wall
334Wilkinson; Simon.K
6931Willcocks; Thomas Walter, Fanny Eliza, Rosa Ursilla.North Wall
7062Willford; Lucy.West Wall
7201Willford; Thomas.South Wall
310William PerryB
1115William; George Edward, Jane ?D
7222Williams; George William, William. Wheeler; George.South Wall
1103Williams; Eliza, James Henry.D
3216Williams; James.H
3144Williams; Jane, John. Perkins; Thomas.J
2274Williams; John.G
222-223Williams; Mary Elizabeth. Talbott; John, Martha, Henry, Elizabeth. Jenkins; Henry, Martha.K
6723Williams; Nathaniel Goldenham, Hannah. Poole; Ada Jane.I
3283Williams; Richard.I
2184Williams?; Henry Edward.G
7029Willingale; Louisa. Hocker; Annie Louisa.West Wall
7428-7429Willis?; Francis Lawson.South Wall
3231Wills; ?I
6752Wills?; ?North Wall
1032Wills?; Ann. Richards; Ann Voile.G
2232Wilmot; Maria.G
167Wilson; Alice, James, George, Mary Frances, James.B
237Wilson; Amelia.K
7345Wilson; Ann Jane, Mary.South Wall
6895Wilson; Isabella, George.North Wall
242Wilson; John.K
3179Wilson; John.J
3085, 6729-6731Wilson; Lucy Ellen. Hudson; Martha.I
7271Wilson?; George, Gilbert, Edward, George, Amy Maria.South Wall
7037Windberg; ? Catherine Susannah.West Wall
1275-1276Windeyer; Charles, Ann Mary. [Wilhelmina?]D
2201Winsland; Elizabeth.G
7059Winstanley; Edward.West Wall
7210Wiseman; Jessie Grace, Amy ?, ?South Wall
6890Wood; James.North Wall
6875Woodcock; Annie, William.North Wall
333Woodley; Eliza. Bliss; Captain Andrew.B
6807-6811Woodman; Jane Ann, Mary, John.North Wall
2202Woodriff; Qubert? Daniel?, James.G
173Wooller; Charlotte, Sarah Jane, Mary Ann Francis, Samuel, Thomas.B
2013Woolley; Agatha Maria Joanna Johannis.H
3156-3158Woolley; Charles Percy.J
3151, 3157-3158Woolley; Emma Honoria.J
3152, 3157-3158Woolley; Harriett Ann, Thomas Beagly.J
2015Woolley; John?H
2014Woolley; Mary Margaret.H
6975Wright; Daniel.North Wall
7103Wright; Ellen.West Wall
3182Wright; Esther, Robert Thomas?, Sarah Anne, Heinrich? Thomas, ? James.J
7104-7105Wright; Frances, Ellen, Horation, Helen.West Wall
74Wright; John Matthew, Ferdinanda, Margarette Elizabeth, Frank (twin), Christiana (twin), George Jaski.K
7109Wright; Thomas, Annie.West Wall
6812Wright?; ?, George, Esther.North Wall
7107Wright?; William Eaughtle?West Wall
6973Yan Day?; Caroline, Elizabeth.North Wall
6962Yann; Ellen Martha.North Wall
7244Yard; John, William, Elizabeth.South Wall
7153-7154Yeend; Charles Thomas, Arthur Robert, Edwin Kelsey, Emily Jane Knowles.West Wall
7163Yeend; James, Ann Knowles.South Wall
4Yeoman; Catherine, Edith Gertrude.OPQ
6768Yeoman?; Joseph.North Wall
355York, Hector Herbert. Free; John Henry, Emily Ada.B
356York; Emily Mary Maria, Edith Lillian May, Lynda Arabella.B
7Yosef?; William.P
2031Young; Captain Arthur. Watt; Fanny, Hercules.H
351Williams; Robert.B
215Bird bath? Or cairn Section KK
211Cairn of stones with doorstep from Barwon Lodge.L
162Centenary stone.B
7939Clarke; W. J.Cottage grounds
3006Consecration/Foundation stone.J
228, 3163-3165Context shot - Section K.K
3050Context shot - Mitchell Walk.I
2153-2154Context shot - section G.G
2005Context shot - Section H.H
2006, 6649, 6659Context shot - Section I and circle.I
2168Context shot - wall in section G.G
2289Footstone - ?G
3022Footstone - ?J
3194Footstone - ?H
7931Footstone - E.P. 1858, E.D. 1866, H.D. 1887.Cottage grounds
3213Footstone - RH
6636Footstone - TI
165Footstone and broken headstone (Walter ...)B
168Footstone RCC, FSC, MC, ECB
2283Footstones - ?, ?G
338-339Fort Macquarie stone; stones from old tramway sheds.B
84Height above sea level - damaged.C
179-180Latitude/longitude memorial to Bligh.B
341Memorial to humble people buried in cemetery.B
325Molesworth, E.W.B
360Monument with N and E marked.B
7938, 7943-7944Random stone pieces in frog pondCottage grounds
7437Rectory foundation stone - John Charles Wright.Rectory
1092Tree planted by E C O'DeaE
345Water Board memorial (Crown St Reservoir entrance stone).B

At the moment the photos are not available online but you can email us for further details. Please note that although we have done our best to document the gravestones many of the inscriptions are no longer legible.


Below is a map of the Camperdown Cemetery showing the alphabetised areas. 

Tours of the Cemetery take place on the first Sunday of the month (except January) at 12:30pm to inquire further email:  tours@neac.com.au

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