DAY 10
When you have a hard day, is there something that cheers you up? A game, a story or a hug from a family member? 

One day, I had a hard, long day, and I went to see my friend. She took one look at me, realised I was a bit sad and immediately presented me with chocolate ice cream and tea, two of my favourite things to cheer me up! She had had hard days, too and instantly knew what would make me feel better.

At Christmas, Jesus, the son of God came to Earth as a baby boy. He was a human – just like us! He would have had good, fun days and hard, sad ones. He knows what being happy, excited, sad or angry is like.

Because Jesus lived on Earth like us, he understands us when we talk to him, and loves us just the same. Just like my friend understood what I needed to cheer up when I was a bit sad, Jesus understands how to help us when we pray to him. He feels our pain and our joys, he is with us in everything that happens in our lives. We can come to him with our bad and good days, and He will listen and help us in our need. This is one of the reasons that Christmas is so worth celebrating!
What a chance to remember our friendship with Jesus, by visiting and showing some love to one of our friends! Could you bake and drop something over? Have a meal together or perhaps an awesome waterfight :)
Create an artwork a comic or a Lego creation or something that shows us something that is great about having Jesus as your friend.

Creations may be featured on our social media page and prizes to be won!
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