DAY 20
Isaiah’s prophecies are so amazing that, at one time, many people claimed the book of Isaiah was a fake. They found it hard to believe that anyone could have foretold so perfectly what would happen to Jesus. How could anyone get so many details right and know that the Messiah would be born of a virgin, both man and God, open the eyes of the blind, and die, crushed for the sins of God’s people? The book of Isaiah, they charged, must have been written after Jesus was born.

Then 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in a cave. Among the parchments found in clay jars was a complete scroll of the book of Isaiah. When it was scientifically tested to see how old it was, it dated back to 100 years before Jesus was born, proving the book of Isaiah was not a fake. “Isaiah prophesied that the Lord’s chosen servant will “open the eyes that are blind” (Isaiah 42:7) and “not grow faint or be discouraged till he has established justice in the earth” (42:4). We can be sure God spoke through Isaiah. God’s promises are trustworthy and true. Jesus was born of a virgin (7:14), became a king in the line of David (Isaiah 9:7), had God’s Spirit rest on him (11:2), was crushed for our sin (Isaiah 53:5), was buried in a rich man’s tomb (53:9), and because he rose again from the dead will return to judge the earth (11:4–5).
Ask, how did a man like Isaiah write prophecies about Jesus hundreds of years before Jesus was even born?” (While the books of the Bible, like the book of Isaiah, were written by men, God tells us in 2 Timothy 3:16 that Scripture is “breathed out by God.” So, much like when we write a letter, we use a pencil or pen, God wrote the Bible using people like Isaiah. The Spirit of God helped them know what to write. That’s how Isaiah could write about Jesus, long before he was born.

Perhaps have a look at the Dead Sea Scrolls online.
Create an artwork a comic or a lego creation or something that shows some of the big things that were prophesied about Jesus, long long before he was born.

Creations may be featured on our social media page and prizes are to be won!

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