DAY 21
At midnight on New Year’s Eve, fireworks explode across the skies of many cities around the world. At first, the fireworks might seem a little scary. The fireworks explode with a big boom and a crash, and some even whistle on their way up into the sky. But then they burst into beautiful starbursts, sparkles, and patterns, and the dark sky is lit with colour. Fireworks start out scary but then become simply a  wonderful—or wonder-full—sight.

In the Bible, Luke writes about the birth of Jesus and the stories surrounding His arrival. He often notices the fear and surprise that people experience. Mary was “confused and  disturbed” (Luke 1:29) when the angel told her she was going to have a baby. Joseph was shocked and afraid when he heard that Mary was pregnant; just like when people first experience fireworks, Mary and Joseph were scared.  But as the story progressed, this fear turned to something else: wonder.

This wonder increased when Mary and Joseph met Simeon and Anna in the temple. These two elderly people somehow recognised Jesus as the One they had been waiting for their whole lives. They had a sense of wonder that was contagious. They praised Jesus and proclaimed to Mary and Joseph that He was the Messiah, the one they had been waiting for. Mary and Joseph were amazed!
REFLECT together as a family..
What is something wonderful about
the story of Jesus for you? Perhaps light some sparklers and remember with wonder the birth of Jesus.
Create an artwork a comic or a lego creation or something that shows a firework. Include the line Jesus is wonderful in your work.
Creations will be featured on our social media page and prizes are to be won!

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