DAY 22
READ 2 PETER  1:16
Fairy tales are such fun to read. We read about dastardly villains and dashing heroes, unlikely events and the battle between good and evil. Sometimes, the life of Jesus can sound like a fairy tale too—even though it isn’t. You see, before Jesus was born, lots of people had studied the Scriptures and were expecting the Messiah to arrive, but They didn’t imagine the Messiah as a helpless, newborn baby. That was unexpected! The birth of Jesus might sound like a fairy tale—but it isn’t. The story of Jesus is a true story! The people who walked
and loved, and lived with Jesus knew this. They wrote some stories to ensure people knew the truth about Him, including His birth. They didn’t have to make up stories about who Jesus was and what He did because who He actually was and what He actually did was so astounding.

At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus, the Messiah who arrived in surprising circumstances as a helpless newborn baby. The birth of Jesus was a good-news story then and is a good-news story now. What happened in  Bethlehem that night is important precisely because it was so unexpected. And it’s so much better than any fairy tale—because it’s true.
Make a Christmas decoration that says,
“Unexpected Saviour” hang it together on your tree. What else do you know about Jesus’ life that was
unexpected? Share your thoughts with your family.
Create an artwork a comic or a lego creation or something that shows that Jesus was both baby and saviour at the same time. 
Creations will be featured on our social media page and prizes are to be won!

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