DAY 25
What popped into your head as you woke this morning? As you woke and remembered it is CHRISTMAS day! Perhaps it was the presents you would unwrap today or the delicious pavlova you would eat, or the afternoon snooze you may have after demolishing that pavlova. What about that baby we have been reading about? Did he pop in there? The one who came from heaven to our weary, broken world and gave up his life as our rescuer. The very one we remember today at Christmas. Lots of things will be great today: lots of things will be
praiseworthy, but there is nothing more praiseworthy than Jesus. And we don’t just get to praise him today, but the promise is that we will praise him forever! So what a great thing to do this Christmas day. Actually, let’s do that together now Praise him with all our might and with loud voices

God, we thank you for sending Jesus to rescue us! Thank you for giving us something as great and Thank you for giving us something as great and wonderful as your Son to celebrate today! We love you and praise you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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