READ John 1:14-16
We all love a good rescue story. A story where a great King rescues his beloved in a daring, risky act of love. We hold our breath to see if his quest is successful or not. And when we finally see the rescue. We see not only how great this king is but also just how precious she is to him. Just how much she matters to him: he would risk his life to save her.

Christmas is the most stunning true rescue story of all time. In the dark of night, in Bethlehem, in a world held captive to sin, God comes to earth as a human being, a little boy. He comes with a mission to rescue the human race, and he cannot be stopped. What are we to think of the ones, God would go to such lengths to rescue, and at such a price? How precious they must be. They must be worth a great deal to him...

This Christmas rescue shows us how precious we are to him. I pray you know it.
There are so many great movies with daring rescues and big acts of love. It is hard to go past  The Lion king and Princess bride. How about you watch a movie or read a story of a daring rescue, and remember the true rescue story of God rescuing you.
Create an artwork, a comic or a lego creation or something that recreates an amazing rescue scene.

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