READ LUKE 2:8-14
How do you think you’d feel if an angel showed up in your bedroom tonight? Excited? Scared? Confused? Sleepy? It is common practice in the Bible, for
people who see angels to feel very very scared. The shepherds, when they saw an angel on the night of Jesus’ birth were terrified. But the angels say not to be afraid because the great rescuer had been born, God’s king, the Messiah. Angels were messengers from God who announced news to God’s people at important times. 

Here, when Jesus was born, there was not just one angel, but a whole army of them. It is like a football stadium full of angels, all roaring in unison. How should one respond to an army of Angels? Fall on our knees and listen. Why fall on our knees? That’s the best response to an army of invincible angels, but even more, it is appropriate to bow down before God’s king. We are to listen as heaven screams with joy, to announce the divine night of God’s coming into his world. Good news of great joy makes all of heaven sing for joy.
Spend time this week looking at a map of the world. Play a game where you name a country and your kids try to find it. Talk together about what it would be like to live in a different culture with a different language and customs. Point out places in the world where people aren’t free to openly worship Jesus or talk about Him.

Look together at the list of missionaries on our church website. Pick one person or family and pray for them by name. If possible, write them an email or note of encouragement.
Create an artwork a comic or a lego creation or something that shows what you think it looked like in the company of an army of Angels or think the night sky might have looked like when the angels appeared to the shepherds.
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