READ MATTHEW 2:1; 9-11
We are so used to the Christmas story that it seems normal, but imagine you had never heard the Christmas story before. All you knew is that God’s King was going to come. You would probably expect God’s King to come into town as part of a great parade with a mighty army, but No! God’s King comes alone, by himself. You might think ‘no worries, the King can come alone, but he will be HUGE, BIG and STRONG like a superhero’ But No! God’s King comes as a tiny baby. Who would expect that? However, the story isn’t finished yet. Surely if the King was going to be alone and a baby, you would expect him to be born in a mighty castle, with tall walls and a moat around it to protect it and the baby King from invaders, but No! God’s King is born in a stable and placed in an animal's manger surrounded by…poo! There are so many unexpected things about the Christmas story but perhaps the most unexpected thing is that God’s King of Kings would come to rescue us from sin so that we could be friends with him.

If you want to see more of the unexpected Christmas story check outthis wonderful short video on YouTube:
As an adult or child, it is always a good idea to make a list of ways that God has shown His love to you. Draw one line down the vertical center of an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. Draw two horizontal lines through the vertical line dividing the page into six boxes. In each box, draw a picture (yes, even you adults!) of one way that God shows His love to you. Pray, thanking God for His unconditional love.
Create an artwork a comic or a lego creation or something that shows us the whole nativity story..
Creations will be featured on our social media page and prizes are to be won!

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