What is the Confident Parent Course?

The confident Parent course is a 6-session coaching program (individualised or in a group) for parents who are committed to
facilitating their children’s emotional well-being. Parent manuals provide additional information and
worksheets to support parent efforts. Parents are helped to consider their role in encouraging their
child’s healthy development.

It aims to:
• Optimise the way you support your child’s wellbeing
• Shift focus to yourself rather than trying to change your child
• Promote more autonomy and responsibility in your child through how you manage yourself
• Help you strengthen your loving and frm leadership
• Establish a longer-term view of supporting your children’s growth in responsible independence. 

Confidence building: From child project to parent project
It’s natural to want to try to take on responsibility for trying to change a child when they are
struggling in aspects of life. Hence it may be a surprise to hear that this program is designed to
focus on the parent rather than to try to change the child. A repeated idea in the Parent Confdence
Project is that when parents shift their energies away from trying to change their child and
invest in what is in their control as parents, their child has increased breathing space to grow
in character and resilience. The changes a parent makes can have a ripple effect and beneft the
whole family.

What to expect in livestreaming

The live stream will be accessible 30 minutes before the scheduled service start time.  We will be using 'Zoom' to broadcast our services.  

1. Click the link above or right here 

2. You will be asked for your name and email, enter these and join the meeting. 
3. If it is before your service time, feel free to use the 'chat' function to message those who are also on the stream. 

4. Sit back and enjoy the service as you usually would. We will be singing, praying, reading the Bible and listen to a sermon, like we would on a normal Sunday. 
5. Stick around after the service and continue chatting.

Dates & locations

2:00-3:30PM on Sundays
St Stephens Anglican Church Newtown
Stage 1: Session 1 – 3
Stepping back: Observation and awareness
Week 1: Promoting dependence or independence?
Week 2: Where is your energy directed?
Week 3: Considering parent levels of reaction/self-regulation

Stage 2: Session 4 – 6
From stepping back to stepping up
Week 4: What is in my control? What is my “I” position?
Week 5: Stepping up in connection 
Week 6: Big-picture change requires patience


Interested and want to sign up? Register below and we’ll be in touch with all the important details.

Total course cost (6 sessions) = $50 (For course material and light afternoon tea)

If cost is prohibitive for you, please register and simply let us know. We still want you to be able to join us!
Register here.

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