Safe Ministry Practice

Ministering to Young Children and Youth

Newtown:Erskineville Anglican Church does not expect you to be perfect to work with children, but it does expect you to be a Christian who exemplifies the positive and transforming power of the gospel in your life.  Those who minister with children and youth must be committed to providing a safe ministry environment for children and for this reason we have a number of processes in place to ensure this happens.

If you are ministering to vulnerable people regularly you'll need to complete the application steps below. If you'd like to have some basic credentials to be available to help on occasion and under supervision then please consider at least getting your working with children check done at your nearest Services NSW branch. It's free and details can be found here. You are also welcome to do the online safe ministry training - details here.


The Application Process - 3 Steps

Once you have completed these steps you still need the approval of the senior minister (Roger Bray) before you can undertake ministry with Children and Youth.

1. Complete this form.

2. Sign this Declaration and return it to attn: Roger Bray

3. Give us a copy of your Safe Ministry Certificate. Send to Roger Bray. If you have not completed Safe Ministry Certificate training or you have not done a refresher course in the last three years you will need to complete one. This training is available online and take about 4.5hours to do initial training (2.5 hours for refresher training). The Essentials (1st timer/lapsed) training normally costs $15, but we have sponsored the cost of this training. Contact the office and we will send you the discount code to enter when registering for training. All of the Safe Ministry Training details and registration can be found here. If you have further questions please contact the NEAC office.

If have any concerns related to Child Safety please contact our safe ministry representative Jeremy Watts

Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel which flows out into a commitment to keeping our kids safe.

In grace,

Roger Bray

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