Streaming Online


1 Lighting

  • Ensure you have appropriate background and foreground levels set for good contrast of speakers.
  • Use the field monitor to manage the exposure. See more here.

2. Camera Height

  • Check each person who will be on stage. Ensure foreheads aren't approaching top of screen
  • Check focus on all cameras.

3. Tally Lights

Open this app from desktop
  • Open application on computer (look for icon above on desktop)
  • Open safari on each phone mounted on camera tripod. Either:
    • The 192... local address number will be ready to go OR
    • You'll need to type the address manually or scan QR code on computer with that phone (in Tally app on computer click on "Web" tab and a QR will appear).
  • In the phone browser hit settings:
    • Ensure you've selected the appropriate camera that the phone is attached to
    • Select the colour settings:
      • Active = Green (#00FF00)
      • Preview = Grey (#808080)
    • Be sure to select "Keep Screen On " (see pic below)
  • Test setup with person on stage to ensure it's working as expected (active camera = green)

4. Q&A - setup

Purpose: allows speaker to read chat notes on stage

  • Open chrome and go to neac.online.church. 
  • Zoom to XX% (using ctrl '+')
  • Grab the browser title and slide over to confidence monitor (think of it as a second monitor arranged to teh right of the main computer monitor)
  • Note... to return to slides in proclaim DO NOT click "On Air" at top. This will start presentation from the beginning. Instead right click on the slide after Q&A and select "On Air" from the menu that opens.
Drag chat part of browser into confidence monitor


5. Metering

  • Videos and microphones will be all over the place in terms of audio level. Use the ATEM screen to keep peaks just hitting red and mostly in yellow. 
  • Use the headphones coming out of the little field monitor to listen to the stream
MIC1 as only input. Keeping the right levels throughout service

6. Full screen vs PIP, songs

  • If it's a heading or words using top 1/3 of slide only then you can use a bottom third overlay with [SONG] button
  • Otherwise for full screen quotes being read use [PROJ] to stream full slide.
  • Or use PiP to show a picture while maintaining video of speaker

For sermons, don't leave headings on the screen indefinitely, just long enough to help people signpost their way through sermon. The aim is to declutter the stream to keep focus on speaker.

7. Which camera do I use?

  • Use Cam1 (Front) by default
  • To break up longer sections or to grab an "intimate" moment with a tighter shot, use Cam2. The tally lights will change to alert speaker to look at Cam 2 (Side). Be aware that this change can put a strain on speaker so chat with speaker before hand to discuss. 

8. Crawl text for bible reading

Context: help people following along to not miss what the reading is

  • We cannot have the bible reading slide PiP'd into video, and so if video of bible reader doesn't already have bible reading reference on the screen then you can type it into crawl text at top of screen and press return. Press [X] to stop.
Write crawl text and press return. Press [X] to stop

9. Confidence monitor

  • You can see what is being directly sent to the confidence monitor on stage with 4th ATEM input labelled "Confidence". This will never be sent to youtube but helpful at times to see. 
  • Any slide can be sent a specific confidence monitor layout (in proclaim use "Confidence" tab in edit mode).
  • Be sure that all videos just have default setting here - otherwise too much strain is put on graphics card and videos might be displayed with unexpected results.

10. Slide Guidelines

  • Preachers: be aware that you're at the mercy of the streamer. And streamer help the audience engage with the text. Sometimes we end up with blocks of text as picture in picture, which in turn is embedded in a frame with chat on the side.
Possibly hard to read for viewers
Utilising top 1/4 of slide screen allows overlays

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