1. Turn on power

  • Turn on computer
  • Turn on AV rack (big red button on top right)

2. Turn on cameras

Front camera
Mezzanine camera

3. Lighting

  • Ensure lights are powered by turning on power points to the left and right of stage marked "Lighting"
  • Turn off black-out. 
    • When DMX unit is initialised there is a flashing LED next to this button to show that black is on. Lights will not work until this is de-activated
  • Select "Scanner 1" and the slide the selected channels to set the stage lighting
  • To set light levels you can use the field monitor (7inch monitor under right hand monitor). You can enlarge a particular camera feed by pressing [1] or [2] on the ATEM (bottom right). The field monitor particularly shows:
    • over exposure: it will zebra stripe areas of video that are too bright
    • focus: it will outline in red areas of focus
  • This will need to be adjusted dependant on the time of day and even the colour of clothes of people on stage.
  • When finished setting lighting return to multiview by pressing M/V on ATEM

4. Youtube

Press "On Air" stream button on the top right of the ATEM.

  • Note that this does not actually send the video stream to the audience. It merely sends the stream to the YouTube stream manager.

Open YouTube stream (below icon on desktop), select the scheduled service and check connection (usually takes about 10seconds to come through). 

At exactly 5 minutes before the service is due to begin:

  • Start the intro loop in proclaim
  • Hit "PROJ" on streamdeck 
  • Select "Go Live" in the YouTube stream manager (blue button top right as shown below).


  • If band is not finished rehearsing, mute PC channel on sound desk and push their rehearsal through to stream
  • If proclaim editing required make sure you're in edit mode and don't disrupt stream

5. Streamdeck

We use the Stream Deck to control the ATEM because it allows custom workflows to be run simply with the push of the button. The Stream Deck runs macros that can be accessed in the ATEM software controller. The Bitfocus Companion App manages which button executes which macro. 

Toggle keying buttons

These buttons can be pressed on and off over any camera feed. They are also persistent which means changing camera feed will not remove keying (with exception of [Proj]). To turn them off simply press that button again. 

  1. PiP 1. Picture in picture top left
  2. PiP 2. Picture in picture bottom left
  3. SONG. Displays song lyrics at the bottom of the video feed

Program screen feed

These buttons control what is in the main program screen that goes to air

  1. CAM1: Mezzanine Camera
  2. CAM2: Front Camera
  3. PROJ: Project feed

6. Recording to USB

The ATEM is capable of recording to USB 3.0 as well as or instead of streaming. Simply plug a thumb drive into the back of the ATEM and hit the "REC" button. 

Note that it is a USB 3.0 slot only. After finishing recording you can pull out the thumb drive and there is a USB3.0 extension cable that is plugged into the cable that is hooked to the back of the desk near the monitor stands. Plugging the thumb drive into this will allow you to view the files on the computer. 

7. Video Walkthrough of Whole System

  • 0:00 Power On
  • 3:00 Turning cameras on
  • 7:15 Set Lighting Levels
  • 12:40 ATEM Display Layout
  • 14:50 Setting up youtube
  • 20:00 Stream Deck - debugging problem
  • 22:40 Stream Deck fixed and operation
  • 26:45 Audio
  • 28:30 Online church platform

Appendix A: The ATEM Video Switcher

ATEM Mini Pro Video Switcher

ATEM Monitor Output (Right Hand Monitor)

Appendix B: Common Problems

1. The Stream Deck doesn't work and has little orange squares in top right of each button.

  • The buttons look ok because the stream deck is correctly plugged into the computer however there is no network connection to the ATEM. The stream deck connects to the ATEM over the local network. 
  • To fix this restart the network switch. There's a powerboard under the desk with power buttons. One is labelled "Network Switch". Turn it off and on. 
  • If this has not fixed the problem unplug and replug the USB connection of the stream deck to the computer or look for other network cable issues. The actual network switch is sitting in the pew bible shelf under the desk. 

2. The Stream Deck is not working and has big unplugged icons

  • Try unplugging and replugging in Stream Deck USB to computer
  • Check that "Companion" app is running (this is the software that connects the Stream Deck to the ATEM) by looking for this little icon in the system tray (bottom right of computer screen). If it is there click it to "Launch GUI" and check status of connection.
  • If Companion isn't running then click the shortcut on the desktop then "Launch GUI" and check the connection. The buttons should re-appear on the Stream Deck quickly.

3. Camera 2 (Front) not sending video 

  • This camera occasionally resets when being turned on. Slide the Lv button until only a single click is heard. A double clicking noise means the mirror reset and is no longer in Live View mode.

4. Youtube says stream is unstable

  • Do a speed test (google speed test). If sub 7Mb/s up then it may be necessary to reduce quality.
  • Stop stream (if cache is showing anything other than "OK" then use FTB to send minimal feed to stream until cache says "OK" then stop stream). Go into ATEM software controller on PC, go to output tab and reduce quality. Restart stream.

5. Youtube is not receiving video feed

  • Check "On Air" on ATEM is on/red
  • Wait 10 seconds (typical lag)
  • Otherwise check stream key is the same. Copy from youtube stream manager and paste into ATEM software controller (Output tab). 

Appendix C: Proclaim

  • Must always have program in focus for remote to work
  • Edit mode allows slides to be edited without effecting what's being output

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